Did Charlie Sheen Give Male Lover Herpes? New Lawsuit Revealved

The information swirling around Charlie Sheen just keeps getting more and more tawdry every day. A story is going around that Sheen was not trying to hide a lawsuit with a woman, but with a man, and it’s not just about HIV. And it is not just rumor or innuendo, but a videotape and a hush-hush lawsuit with no public names. This might be why Charlie Sheen is still selling off real estate.

According to the Inquisitr, Charlie Sheen has been paying out huge sums of money to various adult entertainers, namely a woman who participated in a threesome, and then was asked to fetch his HIV meds, without knowing in advance of his HIV status. That woman has managed to conceal her identity and has allegedly spoken through a friend named Jason Quinlan, who also had sex with the unnamed woman and fears for his health. It seems that the life of Charlie Sheen is even more complicated than anyone expected.

Radar Online has dropped a huge bomb, claiming that they are in possession of a video tape of Sheen engaged in sex acts with men.

“RadarOnline.com has viewed a series of outlandish clips as part of our investigation into the controversy engulfing Sheen.

“They show the drugged-up former Two and a Half Men star smoking a crack cocaine pipe and performing fellatio on a male lover.In a bombshell world exclusive, Radar can reveal that at least three videos were recorded of the thrice married father-of-five. The clips last about 30 seconds and depict Sheen smiling on cameras as he brazenly indulges in the illegal drug.”

For all of the information that has leaked out in the last week, most fans didn’t see this coming. The is listed as “J. Roe v. John Doe,” and it has now been revealed that Sheen is John Doe. As part of the suit, Charlie Sheen retains the master of the video and what he believes are all copies. However, a copy was delivered to Radar Online.

“Charlie had his team buy it off the market and settle the lawsuit because he and his camp believed it could destroy his life if it ever got out,” a source told the website.

If Charlie Sheen is actually carrying more than one communicable disease, then there could be even more lawsuits to follow.

The International Business Times has revealed that there has been buzz around since 2011 that Charlie Sheen was knowingly spreading herpes to his partners.

“According to the media outlet, Sheen was the actor identified only as someone of ‘substantial international fame’ in the “J Roe v John Doe” lawsuit that alleged that a megastar hatched a ‘nefarious plot’ to lure victims into sexual acts despite having herpes.”

They also claim that Sheen has been secretly bisexual for years, and Sheen does not want that information revealed to the public.

“He’s had sex partners of all kind. He’d regularly spent thousands of dollars to sleep with transsexual hookers who he would hire and have them service him at his Mulholland Estate mansion,” said the source.

It seems Sheen and company have some serious fires to put out in the next few weeks. It’s hard to imagine that another, bigger story could pop up and distract fans from this one.

It might be best if Charlie Sheen lays low for a while, but Sheen never seems to disappoint.

Do you think Charlie Sheen is being sued by men who want to out him?

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