Wes Welker Involved In Pre-Wedding Scuffle [Report]

Wes Welker and Anna Burns

Patriots’ Wes Welker is getting married in Aspen, Colorado this weekend to fiance and model Anna Burns. But just because he has his own big even this coming weekend doesn’t mean that he had the right to sneak into the Patrón tequila-sponsored “Summerology” event Friday night, which was part of last weekend’s 30th annual Aspen Food & Wine Classic.

It didn’t go very well for the football player and his unofficial bachelor party buds, as the New York Post reports. They attempted to walk into the Above the Salt restaurant where the event was being held without checking in with staff.

Security tried to subdue the group, and “then physically restrained (Welker) and his group to break everything up.”

Because Welker was being uncooperative, USA Today reports that security called the police, who threatened to arrest the Pat’s player. Ultimately, he cooperated, and the group was kicked off of the property.

While the report was not confirmed by Wes Welker’s agent or a spokesperson for the Patrón event, Boston.com reports that a police spokesman confirmed an incident at Friday’s event that required a “lecture and release.”

The Aspen food fest ran from Friday to Sunday this pas weekend, and included events and appearances by Bobby Flay, Emeril Lagasse, Mario Batali, Gail Simmons, and Cee Lo Green. The New York Post reports that, despite Friday’s incident, Welker did attend several events throughout the weekend, posting photos on hit Twitter account.

The soon-to-be husband seemed in good spirits on Tuesday as well, tweeting:

“Beautiful day in Aspen. Workout, eat, bike ride, eat, massage, eat, and go to bed. Love this place!”

What do you think of the report that Wes Welker was involved in an altercation with security on Friday?