WWE News: WWE Superstar Cesaro Has A Torn Rotator Cuff Injury, Will Require Surgery

WWE has been suffering through several injuries all year long. Not only has a top guy in Seth Rollins gone down for months with a knee injury, but other stars like Sting and Randy Orton have gotten hurt as well. This does not even include the likes of Lana, Rusev, and Tyson Kidd as well as NXT stars Sami Zayn and Hideo Itami. Meanwhile, John Cena is out filming a reality show for the FOX Network.

So many top names went down this year, and WWE could not afford any other to see the bench at this point. Sadly, another may be down. According to Jim Ross, Cesaro looks to be working with a shoulder injury. It is thought that he was hurt during a live event this week, but there was no telling when or how serious it was then. Now we’re hearing that it is officially documented as a torn rotator cuff.

He worked the WWE tapings just fine this week and actually had an amazing match with Roman Reigns on WWE RAW for the WWE Championship Tournament, so this comes out of nowhere for fans.

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Ross claims that Cesaro’s injury could likely require surgery, which usually happens in this situation. Usually when surgery is needed, an injury has gone past a point of being a little bad. He would be the fourth person this year in WWE who would miss time with a shoulder injury joining Orton, Itami, and Zayn. Two of them have had surgery already and could be back to work in the next few months, whereas Orton is set to miss a lot of time.

Cesaro has been pretty good about staying healthy in his career. This may be one of the first significant injuries he has had. Ever since Kidd went down with a serious neck injury, he has been wrestling for his fallen partner by wearing a Canadian flag and his name on his arm sleeve. It has been great to see as a wrestling fan. A tag partner going to battle each week wearing something of his partner’s just to make sure he’s with him.

If Ross is correct in this, Cesaro’s big opportunity at helping with WrestleMania this year could be up in smoke. If his injury requires minor surgery, there is a small chance he could be back just in time for WrestleMania, but that is not as likely. WrestleMania is around four-and-a-half-months out after all.

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Recovery time from a regular shoulder surgery is around four-to-eight months. As we have seen with both Itami and Zayn, it has been toward the eight month mark. The difference for Cesaro is that a torn rotator cuff surgery has taken longer in others, especially in a person over 30 who has been working in wrestling for a while. He could miss up to eight months as well, if not longer. However, if it is not as serious as it has been reported, he could have a potential four-to-five month recovery time.

The real kicker for Cesaro is that he has had a very long career. There is a worry for him among fans in that he could have more than just a torn rotator cuff when opened up. Similar to Daniel Bryan, he could have a lot of other issues once under the knife. He could have a torn labrum among other things.

There are no further details as of now regarding Cesaro and his injury, but we can conclude that he will miss a good bit of time by what we do know. We may not know his recovery period fully until after he has surgery. Clearly losing Cesaro right now was not good for WWE, as he was a big help to the roster.

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