Kate Middleton Gets Giggly Suspending Prince William 40 Feet In Air: ‘How Much Do You Love Me?’ Kate Jokes [Video]

Kate Middleton got playful during a rock climbing outing in Wales, where she joked with her husband, Prince William. Middleton visited Wales as part of a trip to learn about the outdoor education center run by Wolverhampton Council, reported Just Jared, and to visit the area where she lived with her husband for years.

During the rock climbing trip at Towers Residential Outdoor Education Centre on November 20 in Capel Curig, North Wales, things turned silly when Kate asked Prince William, “how much do you love me?” as she held the heir to the British throne 40 feet mid-air, suspended by a rope. Middleton and the prince were taking turns going up and down the 40-foot wall as part of their experience at the outdoor center.

Prince William went first, as Kate Middleton held the rope, asking his wife, “Are you holding me?” Kate assured him by saying “I’ve got you.” Middleton gleefully teased her husband, reports the Mirror, adding, “I’m quite enjoying this actually…for once I’m in control.” Their instructor, Phil Blain, laughingly asked whether their insurance was up to date, but after Prince William finished, it was time for Kate to give the wall a try.

Not one to fear anything, Kate Middleton happily went over the edge, exclaiming, “This is the Aggghhhhh moment!”

Although Kate Middleton confessed she and Prince William are not competitive, Kate asserted that if Prince William was going down the wall a second time, then “I’m having to do it too,” reported the Mirror. Although Prince William reportedly fell off one of the more difficult sections of the wall because “it was very wet,” he was able to complete the climb and reach the top.

Instead of attempting the difficult wall, Prince William “was on a rope so he was fine but he chose the easier side afterwards,” their instructor revealed, reported the Mirror.

Kate took a second try, and wowed her instructor with her athletic ability. Middleton was nimbly able to make it to the top, causing her instructor to exclaim, “[i]f that was Kate’s first abseil she did fantastic,” pointing out it was probably the first time Kate Middleton has “held the life of the heir to the throne – and her husband – in her hands.”

According to Mountain Rescue Chairman Mike France, it was not the first time Prince William and Kate Middleton had crossed paths with the outdoor center. France revealed that Prince William and Kate, who are very active in children’s charities, “asked us if we could help some of their vulnerable children from WellChild, Child Bereavement, Place2Be and Centrepoint,” adding that the organization was “delighted” to help out the royal couple.

Kate also got nostalgic about the time she and Prince William spent living in Wales, and revealed just how much she missed living in the area. The Mirror reported that Kate Middleton and Prince William lived in Anglesey, Wales while William worked as a RAF search and rescue pilot.

Kate now lives in Norfolk, but revealed, “I love it [in Wales],” adding that she really missed Wales and “being outside and in the mountains.”

Middleton also revealed that little George loves helicopters like “Daddy,” when Pauline Hallett of Ogwen Mountain Rescue told the royal couple about the new helicopters Prince William’s old team recently acquired. Hallett told reporters, “William used to fly us around” when he and Kate Middleton lived and worked in Wales, revealing that Kate “then said how much George loved [helicopters].”

According to Middleton, George “knows all the different colours” and asks her “about all the parts.” Kate laughingly added that “she tells George to ask Daddy as she has no idea.”

Kate Middleton and Prince William also visited Caernarfon and Denbigh in north Wales as part of their trip, and Kate said she hopes George and Charlotte will join the Scouts and Rainbows.

[Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images]