Jim Bob Duggar Hands Out Advice: ‘Stop Rejecting The Gift Of Children, Keep Sensual Content Out Of Home’

Jim Bob Duggar certainly knows all about having kids, as he and his wife Michelle have 19 of them. Fans have watched them grow up on screen on TLC for the past few years. Some of their births have even been aired as well on 19 Kids and Counting. Even though the show has been canceled, the patriarch of the family still loves to give advice on raising children.

The 50-year-old dad took to the official Duggar blog to talk to other fathers on having children and seeing them as blessings. It was somewhat of a family planning talk, without the actual planning part.

It seems that Jim Bob and Michelle used to have a timetable on when to have kids in the early days of their marriage, but then they chose to give it all over to God and let Him handle how many kids they have instead, and the rest is history, as seen in their many offspring.

The Duggar dad told the story of when Michelle got pregnant with their second child while taking the birth control pill. Unfortunately, she miscarried.

“We were so grieved. We did not know that sometimes the pill allows you to get pregnant but then causes a miscarriage. We thought we could set our own timetable for having children, for example- when we were ‘financially able,’ or when we ‘had all our ducks in a row.'”

After reading some passages from the Bible, Jim Bob said that they realized that God was the one who gives the gift of children, and that by them trying to control when they have kids, it goes against God’s timetable. Duggar said that it was like they were rejecting His gifts that He wants to give them in the form of children. This pretty much explains how they ended up with 19 of them.

Does this mean that Jim Bob and Michelle will end up having even more than they already have? It sounds like they are up for the challenge if that should happen. Of course, with Michelle at 47, it could take a toll on her body, especially after having so many already. In addition, they are dealing with their eldest son, Josh Duggar, who is in rehab for his sexual addiction. They also are having plenty of grandbabies now that Jill and Jessa have started their own families.

Jim Bob Duggar gave more advice on how to protect your kids from worldly things. He stated that a father should remove anything that would tempt kids with sensual content. That includes the internet, books, and television. He suggested that they be replaced with more wholesome things.

“Replace them with good things like wholesome music, biographies of great Christians, good old-fashioned family fun and games.”

That is exactly how they run the Duggar household. However, something went completely wrong in the case of their firstborn to have the issues that he is dealing with right now. Even if they did keep Josh Duggar away from that kind of stuff when he was younger, it certainly didn’t work in their favor. Somehow, the boy ended up turning to pornography, despite their best efforts to keep it from entering his life. This also led to Josh cheating on his wife Anna many times while she was tending to their four kids.

Two of the Duggar family members will be back on TV next month. Jill and Jessa: Counting On is expected to premiere in December with three specials as it follows the two new moms and also has an appearance by Anna Duggar. According to ET, the new preview for the show has plenty of tears and Anna saying how heartbreaking it was to learn about her husband Josh cheating on her.

It looks like Jim Bob and Michelle’s way of thinking about having kids has rubbed off on their older ones as well. Daughters Jill Dillard and Jessa Seewald got pregnant pretty quickly after getting married.

What do you think about Jim Bob Duggar giving other dads advice on having a family? Do you agree?

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