'Lost In Space' Reboot Set To Head For The Stars Again On Netflix

The popular 1960s sci-fi series, Lost in Space, is coming down to Earth once again thanks to Netflix.

Originally aired by CBS back in 1965, and running for three seasons and a total of 85 episodes, Lost in Space has recently been in a bidding war for a revival. The newly minted series reportedly has been in development for over a year now, and has finally landed with the popular streaming service, Netflix.

The revival of Lost in Space, will be executive produced by Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless, who did the scripts for Dracula Untold, The Last Witch Hunter and more recently, the upcoming Gods of Egypt.

Sazama and Sharpless will be working with Kevin Burns of Synthesis Entertainment, and the series will be directed by Neil Marshall, of Doomsday and The Descent, along with Marc Helwig of Applebox.

The original series of Lost in Space was created by Irwin Allen and premiered back in 1965. It told the tale of the intergalactic adventures of the Robinson family. Set in the fictional year 1997, the Robinson family had originally been sent into space on the Jupiter 2 with an eye to colonization.

Things went awry when Dr. Zachary Smith sabotaged the mission, sending the ship into deep and unknown space.

The original series starred Guy Williams as Dr. John Robinson, expedition commander and pilot, while his wife, Dr. Maureen Robinson, was played by June Lockhart, the biochemist. Marta Kristen played the role of their eldest child, Judy Robinson, Angela Cartwright played the middle child, Penny Robinson. The youngest child, Will Robinson, was played by Billy Mumy.

Lost in Space
[Image Jonathan Harris & robot via Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain]

As for the expedition's notorious saboteur, Jonathan Harris appeared in the role of Dr. Zachary Smith. Smith's role is described as a Doctor of Intergalactic Environmental Psychology, expert in cybernetics, and an enemy agent. Major Don West, the military pilot of the Jupiter 2 was played by Mark Goddard.

There have, in the past, been several attempts to reboot Lost in Space, including a cartoon in the 1970s and a live-action version in 2003. The latter was to be directed by filmmaker John Woo, but neither the cartoon nor the live-action version actually took off.

Back in 1998, Lost in Space hit the big screen with several famous stars featuring, including William Hurt, Gary Oldman, Heather Graham, Matt LeBlanc, Lacey Chabert and Mimi Rogers. While the film version of the popular science fiction story only had a moderate success at the box office, it was notably the first film to knock Titanic from the number one box office spot when it was released.Back in 2009, the Inquisitr reported the sad story of actor Bob May, who played the role of a robot in the Lost in Space series. May died of congestive heart failure.

While May appeared in several films with Jerry Lewis and on several other TV shows, including The Time Tunnel, McHale's Navy, and The Red Skelton Show, he was best remembered for his role in Lost in Space.

With all the reboots happening, some may wonder whether television is running out of ideas. What with the not actually a reboot, but rather a new season, of Twin Peaks and the recent revival of the popular Heroes series, along with the revival of The X-Files, it does make one wonder.

[Photo via Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain]