Justin Bieber’s Exes: One On Tinder, Another Reveals She’s 6 Months Pregnant

Justin Bieber’s new album Purpose has been tearing up the charts since its release last week, and Biebs has already made available a half dozen new tracks streaming online or on the radio. Popsugar reported about the latest single from Purpose shared by Justin Bieber with fans, which is a collaboration between the 21-year-old singer and Ed Sheeran called “Love Yourself.”

You can listen to “Love Yourself” on Spotify.

Justin Bieber’s fans are now wondering whom the song is dedicated to. Bieber has a number of exes, but most fans agree that it’s about Selena Gomez. And while the lyrics seem rather friendly throughout the song, there are some rather harsh lines. Take, for example, The chorus of the song.

“If you like the way you look that much, oh, baby you should go and love yourself.”

Justin Bieber’s fans immediately found a link to his ex Selena Gomez in the chorus. Particularly, it could be a reference to “Good for You,” Selena’s single from Revival, which dropped just weeks before Purpose.

But the chances the song is about Selena Gomez are low, since the lyrics clearly indicate that Justin is totally over that ex. And while Bieber confirmed when speaking to Ellen DeGeneres on her talk show that as many as three of the songs from his album are about Gomez, he also revealed to Ellen that he could get back together with Gomez.

When Ellen asked Justin Bieber if there was any chance the two young pop stars could get back together, Bieber responded with “Maybe,” as reported by Perez Hilton.

But since the lyrics do not sound as the kind of I-miss-you lyrics, the song is probably not about Selena Gomez after all.

Another of Justin Bieber’s exes, Yovanna Ventura, has just joined Tinder, as reported by Hollywood Life. The smoking hot ex uploaded a couple of pictures and is now seeking bachelors in Miami. Will anyone be able to swipe left on such beauty?

Yet another Justin Bieber ex, Jasmine Villegas, used Instagram to show off her growing baby bump in a sexy new music video, according to Hollywood Life.


Justin Bieber dated Villegas back when he was only 16. Just over a week ago, Villegas announced she was already six months pregnant with her first child with her longtime boyfriend. Her fans were surprised how masterfully she had hid her growing baby bump for so long, while frequently appearing at awards shows, as well as being open in her conversations with fans via YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.

But now she lets her fans know about the exciting news by sharing a number of belly pics and this super sexy mini music video. Fans can’t wait to see the baby and find out what Villegas names the baby.

According to Just Jared, Justin Bieber has just announced that he is going on tour next year to promote his new album Purpose.

The singer shared the news with his fans in an Ellen appearance, airing on Wednesday, November 11, much to the excitement of his fans.

“I’m actually going on tour!”

However, he could not immediately remember details about when and where the tour will start.

“This was the only thing I had to remember, and I don’t remember it. You can go to my website. What am I doing? I’m here to promote an album and a tour.”

[Photo by Pablo Cuadra/Getty Images]