A$AP Rocky And Kylie Jenner: Is Kylie Getting Over Tyga Break-Up With A$AP? [Video, Photos]

As soon as one begins typing Kylie Jenner’s first name into Twitter, the social media site suggests “Kylie ASAP Rocky” as a search suggestion. It’s the same deal with typing “ASAP Rocky” into Twitter, which makes Twitter automatically suggest Kylie along with Rocky’s name. Credit that to the fact that Kylie and Tyga have famously experienced a break-up, as reported by the Inquisitr.

Credit knowledge of the new potential coupling to TMZ, which wrote about Jenner and Rocky having a good time on Friday, November 20, well into the wee morning hours. Hyde was where the duo were spotted – described as a “swanky haunt on Sunset Boulevard that serves New American cuisine & drinks in a nightclub setting with a patio.”

World Star Hip-Hop published the below photo of 18-year-old Kylie leaving the club and getting into a black vehicle. Inside that black SUV was A$AP, who could be seen via the bright lights of the photogs who shined their lights through the vehicle to reveal Rocky. Justin Bieber was in the vehicle as well, along with A$AP, so apparently Rocky and Jenner were not alone together.

Bieber himself made news recently for an impromptu serenade session of a song to Selena Gomez. However, back to A$AP and Kylie. The online buzz, according to Hollywood Life, is that Kylie wanted to make Tyga jealous and used A$AP – Tyga’s friend – to get back at him. After all, with all the rumors about Tyga’s alleged cheating, it lends to reason that Jenner might use Rocky to throw a few jabs at Tyga.

The sources that told Hollywood Life that Jenner was intentionally photographed with A$AP in order to make Tyga jealous have a point, seeing as though Jenner surely could’ve made an exit in a less-crowded, more hidden location to exit the club with her friends.

“Kylie knew exactly what she was doing in leaving the club with A$AP Rocky. She knew photographers were outside and she wanted to make Tyga jealous by making it appear she was stepping out with his pal.”

Searches for A$AP on Twitter turn up a bunch of reactions to Kylie potentially turning to Rocky to get over her break-up with Tyga.

Photos of Rocky and Jenner on Twitter from the duo’s night out show a variety of reactions as well. Not only are Kylie and A$AP seen shielding their eyes from the big and bright flashes of the photographers, but photos on Twitter show meme reactions as well. Certain fans can’t believe Kylie would turn to A$AP as a potential boyfriend.

A$AP fans, however, might love the Kylie-A$AP couple and may already bandy about couple names like Jocky or Kylsap on their minds. Rocky had a hit rap verse on Selena’s “Good For You” song, with imaginative lyrics, as seen on Genius.

“Hold on, take a minute, love
Cause I ain’t trying to f*** your image up
Like we mess around in triple cuffs
Stumble ’round town, pull your zipper up
Pants sag like I don’t give a
I ain’t trying to f*** your business up
And I ain’t trying to get you into stuff
But the way you touchin’ on me in the club
Rubbin’ on my miniature
John Hancock, f*** the signature
Any time I hit it, know she finna fall through
And every time we get up, always end up on the news
Ain’t worried bout no press and ain’t worried bout the next b****
They love the way you dress and ain’t got s*** up on you”

The news about A$AP and Kylie partying together comes after Tyga was already accused of cheating on Kylie with Mia Isabella, as reported by the Inquisitr.

[Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Samsung]