Angelina Jolie Defends Decision To Go Topless In ‘By The Sea’

Angelina Jolie revealed that going topless in front of the camera of her latest movie By the Sea was a tough decision, as reported by People. Angelina Jolie (who on this production is credited as Angelina Jolie Pitt) appears bare in several scenes throughout the film.

Angelina Jolie starred, wrote, and directed the 1970s France set drama, which tells a story about a marriage in crisis, shortly after her mother Marcheline Bertrand died from ovarian cancer in 2007.

The 41-year-old actress-director-writer revealed in an interview with People her reasons for writing the screenplay.

“I wrote it wanting to come to terms with my mother’s death.”

Initially, Angelina Jolie never intended anyone to see the film, but she then she decided that she would finish it, starring in it opposite her husband Brad Pitt.

“It did cross my mind to cut certain things. But I felt that was the wrong thing to do. That’s hiding something, and I don’t believe in that.”

Angelina Jolie received bad news back in 2013. She had a preventive double mastectomy after discovering that she carried the BRAC1 gene, which increases the risk of cancer. But when the movie was at the post-production stage, the actress received even more bad news.

“During the edit I got the call that I might have cancer and had to have my ovaries removed.”

Going through this tough experience, Angelina Jolie says she discovered the true nature of a woman, according to People.

“It ended in a way where I understand myself and connect to other women and life and the cycles of life in a way I wasn’t expecting.”

But one thing is certain: Angelina Jolie is not worried about getting older with Brad Pitt. On the contrary, she is looking forward to growing older, as reported by People.

And her husband Brad Pitt is the reason why Angelina Jolie embraces getting older, she revealed in an interview with People.

“Brad and I are fortunate because we see the beauty in each other’s changes.”

The movie By the Sea is the couple’s first onscreen collaboration in 10 years after Mr. & Mrs. Smith was released in 2005. Angelina Jolie also says that working together on the movie strengthened their relationship.

“It strengthens a relationship if you can pass those big fights and those big things where you really come head-to-head. As much as we can argue and fight, and we all have our challenges, at the end I say, ‘My job is to love him.'”

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt got married in August 2014 after being together for nine years. The couple have six children: Maddox, 14; Pax, 11; Zahara, 9; and twins Knox and Vivienne,7.

“I’m more interested in his 50-year-old self than his 40 year-old-self. And then you look forward to even more years together.”

As for the reception of the movie By the Sea, critics gave it two stars out of five, according to the Prague Post.

According to the review of the movie, the story is way too small for the two-hours-plus running time, and it’s hard to make out what Brad Pitt’s character is saying due to his constant mumbling and inarticulate speech.

The review also said that the images in By the Sea were “absolutely stunning,” but the richness of the physical exteriors cannot make up for the lack of emotional interior of the movie.

Overall, the movie’s narrative is spread very thin, which shows that Angelina Jolie, as she made it clear with Unbroken, focuses rather on visual showiness, but lacks the skills to keep the audience interested when the story falls short of extended running times, the review said.

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]