Denise Richards Looks Happy During Beach Outing After Charlie Sheen HIV Interview, Discuss ‘Simple Things In Life’

Denise Richards has not yet released a statement regarding Charlie Sheen’s shocking HIV confession. Instead, she’s gone about her life as usual, and earlier this week, she was spotted in Malibu, California, taking her dog for a walk on the beach.

On November 20, People Magazine shared a photo from Denise Richards’ outing, in which she was seen smiling as she walked along the shore wearing dark pants and a white tank top.

While on the beach, Denise Richards took to Instagram, where she shared a photo of her dog, Tucker, running in front of the water, along with the caption, “Love how happy she is….the simple things in life…..”

Denise Richards also shared another photo of the pooch.

Prior to Sheen’s HIV reveal, Richards appeared on the Podcast series, Allegedly With Theo Von and Matthew Cole Weiss, where she discussed her up and down relationship with her ex-husband.

“Charlie, when I married him, he wasn’t a bad boy,” Denise Richards explained earlier this month, via Perez Hilton. “He was sober for almost four years. He was a very different person. His lifestyle was very, very different. He was a former bad boy, I guess.”

Denise Richards married Sheen in 2002 and welcomed her first child, daughter Sam, now 11, two years later. Then, in 2005, amid her pregnancy with her second daughter, Lola, now 10, Denise Richards filed for divorce. Years later, Denise Richards’ from husband married Brooke Mueller, and the couple welcomed two children, twin sons Bob and Max, before splitting in 2011, a short time before he was declared HIV positive.

Around the same time, Sheen was linked to a number of porn stars, including Bree Olson, Capri Anderson, and Kacey Jordan, although it is unclear if he transmitted his illness to any of these women.

While Denise Richards’ ex-husband has bashed her in the press and on Twitter a number of times in the years since their brief marriage came to an end, Denise Richards isn’t holding a grudge over the things Sheen has done — especially things he did when he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

“I have a lot of empathy for anyone that struggles with addiction. I’m not going to judge the choices they made under the influence. I can only judge the person I’m meeting and I think sometimes past experiences make who you are so I just went off the person I had met and gotten to know and fell in love with. He was very different.”

Denise Richards also admitted in her interview on Allegedly With Theo Von and Matthew Cole Weiss that her ties to Sheen often led to career troubles due to his bad boy reputation.

“I was surprised how much that affected me work wise,” Denise Richards explained. “I was perceived as being a lunatic and crazy. There are people that have [since] come up to me and apologized for drinking the Kool-aid … It was hard.”

Along with Denise Richards, several of Sheen’s exes have stayed silent in regard to his HIV. However, Mueller did release a statement, via her rep, to Us Weekly earlier this week, confirming she and her two boys had not contracted the illness.

“Brooke has been inundated with calls from friends and family. To put their minds at ease, Brooke can confirm that she and the boys are not HIV-positive.”

In addition to his kids with Denise Richards and Mueller, Sheen is also dad to one older daughter.

[Photo via Twitter]