Kim Cattrall Ill? Actress Pulled Out Of London Play ‘On Doctors’ Advice’

Poor Kim Cattrall. The 59-year-old British actress was forced to bow out of an upcoming performance at London’s Royal Court Theatre. Cattrall, who was set to play the title role in the production of Linda, is apparently too sick to perform.

The nature of Cattrall’s illness was never specified. All that’s known is that she received medical advice that it would be best to pass on participating in the Penelope Skinner play, opting for lots of rest instead. Kim released a statement on Thursday, which can be viewed via the Royal Court Theatre’s website.

“With great sadness and at the advice of my doctors, I will not be able to continue with the Royal Court’s production of Linda. I appreciate all the support I have received from the theatre and cannot thank them enough for allowing me to put my health first.”

Royal Court Theatre Artistic Director Vicky Featherstone said of the Cattrall situation, “We are all deeply sorry that Kim is unable to continue with the production and she has our warmest wishes.”

Linda is, according to the Associated Press, set to open on November 26. The play will go on, as Cattrall was replaced by Olivier Award-winning Noma Dumezweni. Noma began rehearsing the lead part with the cast on Friday. When speaking about Dumezweni, Featherstone said, “We are extremely grateful and also thrilled that Noma Dumezweni, one of our most brilliant actors, has agreed to take on this challenge at such short notice.”

“We are delighted that in spite of these difficulties Penelope Skinner’s important play can open to our audiences with minimal disruption.”

Linda is, according UK’s Metro, about “a hard-working 55-year-old woman called Linda Wilde, comes up with an ambitious plan to save the world.”

Although things seem to have worked out brilliantly for the cast and play itself, no doubt fans of Kim Cattrall who were looking forward to seeing her are rather disappointed. More so than that, they’re probably still pretty worried. Hopefully, it’s nothing too serious and Kim Cattrall will be back to full health in no time. For her part, Kim hasn’t given the impression that this sad turn of events hasn’t gotten her too down.

Kim Cattrall hasn’t said anything about the matter on her official Facebook page, but she did upload a lovely photo of herself. The change came around the time it was announced Cattrall wouldn’t be appearing in the play. It could be her subtle way of letting her fans know that she’s fine (and still fabulous), and will be back to herself in no time.

Cattrall is best known for her role as Samantha Jones on the hit HBO series Sex In The City. Others know her from the cult-classics Big Trouble In Little China and Mannequin.

She’s previously said that should a third movie based on the series happen, it would be “fantastic” from a financial point of view, but she’s more interested in the “content” and where the story is “going” than a simple cash-grab opportunity.

“‘For me, financially, it would be fantastic! For all of us. But I am really about content and where is it going to take me? Is there something left to say?'”

Speaking of TV shows, Kim Cattrall did make a return to television, starring in the Canadian black comedy series Sensitive Skin. The show stars Kim Cattrall as main character Davina. The award-winning series wrapped up production earlier this year, and will be back in 2016.

This means that if you are sad you’ll be missing Kim Cattrall, if you can hold on until next year, there will be more of her to see!

[Photo by Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP]