What Madonna Wants, Madonna Gets

Madonna’s special requests have made headlines yet again. Is anyone surprised? Neither am I, but I still like to read about what they are! Apparently Her Madgesty was wreaking havoc at Radio 1’s Big Weekend with a VIP area locked up so tight that even hubby Guy Ritchie had trouble busting in to wish her good luck.

And there’s a whole lot more where that came from, as the Mirror so graciously informed us:

She had special Kabbalah water shipped in and demanded bouquets of white roses which remained unopened. While she only ate fresh fruit, the same can’t be said of her friends. They arrived early and wolfed down free food and booze reserved for the artists.

Mix in late arrivals, a foul mouth, and a giant 70+ entourage for the full effect. Talk about not making anyone’s job any easier! This feisty star is definitely at it again, and considering that she’s pushing 5-0 this year, I don’t see an end in sight.

Let’s admit it: “Madonna” and “Diva” will go together until Madge is no more.