Larry Birkhead: Dannielynn Asks, ‘Why Did Mommy Die?’

Larry Birkhead has been confronted with one of the worst questions a widower parent can be asked, as daughter Dannielynn has reportedly asked him why her mother, Anna Nicole Smith, died.

Celebrity Baby Scoop reports that Dannielynn Burkhead, who is approaching her 6th birthday, has started to ask her dad tough questions about her mom’s death. Larry, 39, appeared last week on Good Morning America, and stated that his young daughter started asking about her mother after a recent trip to the Bahamas, where Anna Nicole and her brother are buried. He stated that:

‘[Dannielynn] said, ‘Why did mommy die?’ And I said ‘You know, the doctors couldn’t fix her. But if you’re good … you’ll get to see her someday.'”

Both Anna Nicole and her son, Daniel, died of accidental drug overdoses. ABC News reports that Daniel died just three days after his half-sister Dannielynn was born, and his official cause of death was overdose of methadone, Lexapro and Zoloft. Anna Nicole Smith passed away in a Florida hotel room on February 8, 2007. Her official cause of death was an overdose of nine prescription drugs, including Valium and Atavan. Her death was ruled accidental.

According to ABC News, Larry Birkhead was asked if he’s concerned about what Dannielynn might learn of her mother’s life. Birkhead responded by saying”

“I hope that she understands that no one’s perfect and people have triumphs and people have tragedies. And her mom really … soldiered on and she came from nothing and she, you know, lived her dream.”

He also stated that, at the same time:

“But I also want to make things a cautionary tale … and give her the tools that she needs to where she has the opportunities that her mother and Anna’s son, Daniel, you know, won’t have.”

Celebrity Baby Scoop notes that Dannielynn is in want of a mother figure, and Birkhead states there isn’t a week that goes by where his young daughter doesn’t bring the subject up. He stated in the interview that:

“She says, you know, ‘Daddy, why don’t you go get married?’ I said, ‘Well, who do you want me to marry?’ And she replied, ‘Well, why don’t you marry Lady Gaga?’ You know, I’m thinking, you know, down-home Kentucky girl and she’s thinking Lady Gaga. So maybe we’ll meet in the middle somewhere.”

Until then, Larry Birkhead will spend the days doting on his young daughter, Dannielynn, whose beauty is said to rival her mother, Anna Nicole.

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