Mindy Mann Tell-All Book Coming Soon? Gavin Rossdale’s Former Nanny Is ‘Shopping Her Story Around’ [Report]

Could Mindy Mann release a tell-all book, possibly exposing her alleged relationship with Gavin Rossdale? Following Us Weekly’s report, which alleged Mindy Mann had engaged in a three-year affair with Rossdale during his 13-year marriage to Gwen Stefani, a report claims she’s shopping the idea.

“The word is [Mindy Mann] is shopping her story around. She wants to do a tell-all,” an insider told Hollywood Life on November 20. “Her friends are negotiating for [Mindy Mann] and they seem to think it’s worth millions. But, realistically, the most she’s probably going to get is maybe $100,000. It’s all going to be dependent on if [Mindy Mann] can legally get away with it, though. Right now, she’s trying to figure out what she can say based on the paperwork she signed. It’s in the hands of a lawyer at the moment.”

Typically, staff members of celebrities are forced to sign a non-disclosure agreement, which keeps them from divulging private details about their employers and their families, so it’s hard to say whether or not a tell-all book would even be possible.

As readers may recall, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s former nanny, Christine Ouzounian, was caught in the midst of a media storm surrounding her alleged affair with Affleck, which is rumored to have led to his divorce. However, while there were reports claiming Ouzounian was on the hunt for a reality show or that she could potentially share her story in a tell-all, she eventually faded away from the spotlight, likely due to an agreement she signed upon her employment with the famous former couple.

According to Us Weekly, Mindy Mann’s reported relationship with Rossdale was uncovered by Stefani on the family’s iPad in February of this year, months before the couple’s August 2015 divorce announcement. At the time, the magazine’s source alleged, Stefani fired Mindy Mann but chose to stay with her husband until he allegedly came clean about the affair months later after initially denying their iPad conversations were anything more than flirtation.

As Us Weekly revealed, the alleged affair with Mindy Mann happened right under Stefani’s nose, and making the issue even more hurtful was the fact that the two women were so close.

“Gwen took [Mindy Mann] under her wings and was like a big sister,” a second insider told Hollywood Life earlier this week. “She was incredibly giving with her time and energy and when [Mindy Mann] needed advice with her clothing business, [she] always made herself available. In addition to giving her money to start up her business, [she] gave her support, time and input.”

Hollywood Life’s source went on to reveal The Voice star even helped Mindy Mann and gave her advice when she was having trouble with her boyfriend.

Since the news of the alleged affair broke, Mindy Mann has kept a low profile. Although the former nanny was seen on one occasion in her Toluca Lake, California, neighborhood days ago, E! News claimed Mindy Mann was extremely overwhelmed by all the media attention she was receiving and ultimately chose to go into hiding until the scandal dies down.

In a video shared by E! News, Mindy Mann was bombarded with questions about her current relationship with Rossdale, her relationship with his kids, and other issues.

In response, Mindy Mann told photographers, “I don’t want to talk about it. Please leave me alone,” before getting into a vehicle and driving away.

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