NeNe Leakes ‘The View’ Video: Here’s The Leakes Segment That Brought ‘Mean Girls’ Buzz [Video]

The video below of NeNe Leakes on The View is gaining steam. Leakes has been making the talk show rounds, with fans calling NeNe’s appearance on The View one in which she experienced a bout with a bunch of mean girls.

Uploaded on November 17, the video of Leakes on The View has already gained more than 250,000 views and counting. The interview with NeNe Leakes starts off lovely enough, with Leakes being greeted with a warm hug by her former Dancing With the Stars friend Candace Cameron Bure. However, things seem to go downhill when Joy Behar tries to get at the real reasons for NeNe’s divorce and remarriage to her husband, Greg, but Leakes wasn’t biting the bait.

According to Us Weekly, NeNe tweeted that the women of The View are mean girls, but Leakes later deleted the tweet. Reportedly, her tweet read as follows.

“Just sat down with a bunch of mean girls turning up their noses, looking u up & down as if u don’t belong.”

When Behar tried to probe deeper and find out more about the issues that NeNe and her husband suffered, Leakes just reiterated how much she loved the union of marriage.

“I love companionship, love being married.”

Leakes said she had to teach her husband a lesson. When Joy asked what lesson was taught, NeNe said never to cross her was the lesson.

All in all, it made for a somewhat awkward but still interesting segment of The View. Leakes retreated to her normal mode of saying she felt attacked by the group of mean girls. Leakes has been known to call her cast-mates on the Real Housewives of Atlanta mean girls, as well.

However, when confronted via therapy sessions, NeNe Leakes has walked out and talked about the therapist leading the sessions on the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Once Leakes talked about various reality TV show stars trying to imitate, “the NeNe Leakes brand,” that’s when her segment of The View devolved further, and brought about comparisons of Leakes to Donald Trump. Leakes also made sure to mention that her friendship with Trump didn’t mean she was voting for Trump.

Another controversial segment of The View happened during the show on Thursday, when the co-hosts spoke about eating disorders and anorexia versus bulimia and which ailment a person would pick.

According to E!, the eating disorder talk began when Michelle Collins spoke of Trump telling People that he lost 15 pounds from being on the road campaigning. Paula Faris stated “The Donald” did look different after burning the weight off.

“I thought something was different about him. It’s the weight loss.”

Collins complained on The View, saying all the talking she’s done on the show hasn’t helped her lose any weight.

“It’s the weight loss. His hair’s looking great. But he says that it’s all the chatting…Why am I not getting thin? I do this every day and I’ve not lost a pound.”

The trouble began when the co-hosts spoke of Paula eating all the time and not gaining weight. Faris said that she’s not skinny, as Joy called her, and said that being thin is better than skinny because skinny implies there’s something unhealthy going on.

“I’m not skinny. I am not skinny. I am thin, I would say. But I think there’s a big difference. Is there a difference between skinny and thin? Because I’ve never been in that in-between area.”

Between the controversy with NeNe Leakes’s recent appearance and the talk about eating disorders, The View has found a way to remain in the spotlight on social media.

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]