Tom Sandoval Talks Kristen Doute, James Kennedy, & More ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Drama

Tom Sandoval appears to be staying out the drama on the fourth season of Vanderpump Rules. Although his tensions with Kristen Doute were a central storyline during Season 3, Tom Sandoval is currently steering clear of her drama on the show. However, in a new interview, he spoke of his ex-girlfriend’s strained relationship with James Kennedy.

During an interview with Hollywood Life on November 18, Tom Sandoval offered the following sentiments in regard to the Kristen Doute/James Kennedy scandal, which is currently playing out on Vanderpump Rules Season 4.

“I know that that relationship was super super tumultuous. It started off like the way my relationship with Kristen started off. There was drama immediately from the start of my relationship with her and then again with James. So I’m not surprised [he cheated] because they both handle situations really poorly. When I was dating Kristen, I would always try to alleviate those things, but those two — James is just a mess. When he drinks, he can’t really control the way he acts. And on top of that, you see the way they talk to each other and James is lying to her because he feels like he can’t be honest with her because she’ll castrate him all the time.”

Tom Sandoval was dating Doute when Vanderpump Rules premiered in January 2013, but at the end of Season 2, the former couple parted ways after Doute’s relationship with Jax Taylor was exposed. From there, Doute moved on with Kennedy, who was working at SUR Lounge as a busboy, and Tom Sandoval move on with Ariana Madix, his co-star and a bartender at SUR.

However, when Tom Sandoval’s relationship with Doute came to an end, the drama between them did not, and during Season 3, the former pair came to blows after Doute encouraged a woman who claimed to have had an affair with Tom Sandoval in Miami to visit SUR Lounge and confront both him and his girlfriend, Madix.

While Madix was unfazed by Doute and Kunkel’s allegations against Tom Sandoval, Doute was persistent and determined to prove Tom Sandoval was a cheater. Meanwhile, her boyfriend Kennedy grew frustrated, and her obsession with Tom Sandoval led to tensions between herself and Kennedy.

Also during his interview with Hollywood Life, Tom Sandoval teased of a shocking moment that is to come.

“I definitely did something this season that I never thought I would ever do. I had good intentions, but it was definitely a failure. And you’ll see what that is,” Tom Sandoval revealed.

As Doute and Kennedy’s relationship comes to an end on the show, the relationship between Tom Sandoval and Madix continues to grow. At the end of Season 3, Tom Sandoval asked Madix to move in with her, and she did. And while Madix has been open with her thoughts on marriage, claiming she doesn’t believe it is for her, Tom Sandoval recently spoke of the issue, claiming he and Madix could one day walk down the aisle.

Below is what Tom Sandoval revealed to Reality Tea on November 6.

“We’re definitely in a long term commitment. As far as actual marriage? It’s not something that’s going to happen anytime soon. We just don’t feel like we need it. Neither one of us are ready to have kids. She might never want to have kids. You know, we’re just not in that mindset yet.”

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