Miranda Lambert Dating, Wants To Get Pregnant?

Miranda Lambert is reportedly dating — and possibly planning for a family in the near future. As Miranda Lambert’s ex-husband, Blake Shelton, and his new girlfriend, Gwen Stefani, continue to flaunt their romance on The Voice, a new report claims Miranda Lambert is starting up something new, as well.

“[Miranda Lambert] is doing wonderful! She is staying busy and really happy. She is dating and enjoying single life,” a source told E! News on November 19. “[Miranda Lambert] is taking things slow and just going with the flow. It’s all about her now though. Her friends think she is in a great mind space.”

Although the source didn’t reveal who Miranda Lambert is dating, there have been rumors regarding a possible romance between the country singer and her soon-to-be tourmate, Sam Hunt. Last month, a source spoke to OK! Magazine, via Celeb Dirty Laundry, claiming Miranda Lambert and Hunt couldn’t help but flirt with one another as they prepared for their 2016 tour.

According to the report, Hunt was making Miranda Lambert feel sexy, and that was just what she needed after calling off her four-year marriage to Shelton in July. However, at that point in their alleged relationship, Miranda Lambert and Hunt were said to be acting very secretive when it came to their chemistry with one another, choosing to keep any possible love between them on the down-low.

E! News’ source went on to reveal Miranda Lambert was hoping to one day start a family and hopefully remarry.

“[Miranda Lambert] can’t wait to one day have children, if it’s meant to be, and have a husband again. She has not given up on love.”

“Her music, friends and family is what makes her feel the best at this point in her life,” the source added. “[Miranda Lambert] is excited for the holidays and New Year. She plans to be with her friends and family.”

Although there have been several reports claiming Miranda Lambert’s refusal to start a family with her former husband was what led to their divorce, a second report claims it was actually the other way around, with Miranda Lambert wanting a child and Shelton reportedly refusing.

“[Miranda Lambert’s] aching to be a mom and it was Blake’s refusal that ultimately tore them apart,” a friend told Radar Online on November 20.

Now that Miranda Lambert is single, claimed the source, she’s “her own master,” and after being inspired by the likes of Charlize Theron and Sandra Bullock, she’s reportedly considering adoption.

Miranda Lambert “wants to explore the process very seriously,” the source explained. However, Miranda Lambert is also said to be considering a possible pregnancy — or the use of a surrogate.

“[Miranda Lambert]’s not ruling out finding a donor, but she knows it can take years so she wants to have all options available, and the sooner the better.”

In addition to Miranda Lambert’s alleged plans to start a family, her ex-husband has also been the topic of a few rumors, which claim he and Stefani will soon welcome a child of their own. Although Shelton seemingly denied the report, joking about his fertility on Twitter, an OK! Magazine publication claimed Stefani was carrying a child — and said he was thrilled with the news.

OK! Magazine also alleged, weeks ago, that Miranda Lambert was disgusted by her former partner’s potential baby news.

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