Corey Simms Denies Stealing Baby Name, Slams Ex Over Accusation

Corey Simms was planning on becoming a father once again after Christmas, as his wife’s due date was set for after the Christmas holidays. But something happened earlier this month, which made Miranda Patterson go into labor and give birth to her daughter, Remington. At present, Corey’s daughter remains in NICU, but she is fighting a brave battle and doing great.

But now people are coming out of the woodwork to make Corey Simms look bad. Even though he doesn’t have the support of all Teen Mom fans, thanks to the custody drama that has played out in the tabloids, Simms does stand his ground when it comes to his family, and he just wants the best for his children. Even though he has been labeled a bad person, he wants to be the best father to Ali and Aleeah. But now that Remington is in this world, his ex-girlfriend is now throwing some jabs.

According to a new Radar Online report, Corey Simms is now being accused of stealing the name from his ex-girlfriend. Apparently, his ex Amber Scaggs O’Brien claims that Corey stole the name Remington from her. Her little girl is also named Remington.

“The whole name ‘stealing’ bulls*** is pretty funny, if you ask me,” Simms revealed after learning of the accusations, adding, “I guess everyone with the name ‘Amy’ or ‘Nick’ was stolen, too.”

Corey does have a point. Even though his ex’s child may have the same name, it is possible that Miranda was actually the one who chose the name for her first-born daughter. Ever since giving birth to her daughter on November 8, Miranda has been stressed out. One can imagine that she wants the best for her daughter, but it must be scary to visit baby Remington in the hospital instead of bringing her home. And Corey Simms is just angry that he has to deal with these unnecessary stories in the press when he is dealing with so much at home.

“It’s sad that in such a stressful time of mine and Miranda’s life, we have to deal with such unnecessary drama,” Corey revealed.

On top of the birth, Corey Simms is also dealing with the new custody agreement. He was granted primary custody over the twins, meaning he gets them during the week. It is now his responsibility to get them to school on time and get Ali to her important therapy sessions. Leah Messer now gets to see her twins on the weekend, which seems to work great for her.

Leah herself recently divorced Jeremy Calvert, and they share custody of their daughter, Adalynn. It sounds like Corey and Jeremy have no interest in returning to the show, especially when it comes to discussing Leah’s personal problems. On this past season, the guys met up, and Leah quickly revealed that they actually don’t like one another. She accused MTV of faking the scene and making it seem like they do have a friendship.

“When Corey and Jeremy went out to get a drink talking about Leah, the show set it up. It was all their doing,” a source told Radar Online, as revealed by In Touch Weekly, adding, “They push Jeremy to say things like talking about her drug addiction.”

These days, one can imagine that Simms just wants to focus on his family, newborn daughter Remi, and taking care of the twins. No word on when the family can bring home their newborn daughter.

What do you think of Corey Simms’ defense? Do you think he stole the baby name, or do you think this is just an attempt by his ex to get some fame and attention?

[Image via Facebook/Corey Simms]