God of War: Ascension Collector’s Edition Listing Appears on Amazon

Ahead of an official reveal from Sony, Amazon published a listing for a God of War: Ascension collector’s edition over on their website earlier today.

Going by the listing, it looks like the God of War: Ascension collector’s edition will include your standard fare of items. You’ve got your statue, a soundtrack, and a handful of assorted goodies ranging from PSN avatars to themes.

There is something interesting about the God of War: Ascension CE listing, however. The listing says that one of the perks you’ll receive for picking up the CE–which will run you $79.99–is a voucher for future DLC content.

We haven’t even seen much of the game, much less have we heard of any news about DLC, so just what that voucher is good for is anyone’s guess. Considering that mutliplayer is one of the big new additions in God of War: Ascension, I figure it will be something related to that. You know, like God of War map packs.

For the full list of items included with the God of War: Ascension, see below or head over to the listing.

– Exclusive 8″ Kratos Statue
– Premium Steelbook case
– Official Game Soundtrack (digital version)
– PS3 Dynamic Theme
– PSN Avatar Pack
– Multiplayer Double XP Unlock
– Pass for future DLC content