‘The View’ Host Candace Cameron Bure Says She Can Joke About Anorexia Because She’s Lived Through It

The View is in hot water once again. This time it’s over a joke about anorexia. During a recent show, the panel of co-hosts made a few jokes about eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia.

This time the co-hosts were discussing the fluctuating weight of presidential candidates Donald Trump and Ben Carson. Trump told People magazine that campaigning has been such a good look on him that he accidentally lost weight. Joy Behar said in response, “He says it’s because of the excitement at his events that causes him to lose weight. So, by the logic Ben Carson should be 400 lbs. Right?”

Then the co-hosts went off on a tangent and started to discuss their eating habits and what’s healthy and what’s not healthy. Paula Faris mentioned that sometimes when she’s busy she does forget to eat and lose weight. “I know that I kind of forget to eat during the day, but then I’ll have a huge meal at the end.”

Behar responded to Faris’ claim, “I see her eat all day long, and she’s skinny. That’s why we hate her.”

Then the panelists started to discuss if co-host Faris was thin or skinny. Faris insisted that she’s thin and that there’s a difference. Faris said “this is healthy,” and when co-host Michelle Collins asked her what she thought about being skinny, Faris said that being skinny is not always healthy.

The offensive remark didn’t come until Behar said after the commercial break that the panel “were just discussing whether it’s better to become bulimic or anorexic backstage.”

Collins then replied, “What do you girls think. Definitely bulimic. You get to enjoy the meal.” Collins then spoke to someone off camera and nodded, “She’s nodding. We have two bulimics here.”

While the co-hosts seemed to be fine joking about it, Candace Cameron Bure, who has been open about her battle with having an eating disorder, wanted to clear the air before they continued,

“Please know that while this is in jest, as someone that has dealt with an eating disorder, I don’t want to make light of anyone that has it.”

And then she backpedaled a bit and said that because she’s dealt with an eating disorder she’s allowed to joke about it.

“I think I can joke about it because I’ve been about it.”

Viewers of the show were not happy with the discussion:

Before The View signed off the air, Joy Behar said that since The View does have a habit of offending people, they wanted to explain themselves.

“We understand that bulimia is a serious illness. We’re just trying to have some fun over here. So, you know…and then I got a text from my accountant saying, ‘Don’t worry, Joy. Your IRA is in tact, Signed, Bernie Madoff.’ So, there you have it.”

So far, Candace Cameron Bure hasn’t commented on the eating disorder segment on The View. As stated, she has been open about her own struggles in the past.

Back in 2013 the Fuller House star said that she used food as a coping mechanism while struggling with bulimia. She said she struggled particularly during the years when she wasn’t working and was a stay-at-home mom. She said she worked on her illness through her faith in God.

[Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]