WWE News: Austin Aries At NXT Event

Some exciting WWE news has surfaced, as former TNA World Heavyweight Champion Austin Aries has shown up at an NXT event, according to a report from Wrestling Inc.

Back in June, Aries was coming to the end of his contract with TNA. Both sides sat down and had several discussions. In the end, it was decided that a parting of ways would be the best thing for both sides. TNA was having difficulties with their budget and trying to secure a new television deal. Aries wanted an opportunity to make steady money and have a consistent presence on television. The time to leave was then.

As is usually the case whenever someone leaves a wrestling promotion, there was speculation as to what the future holds for Aries. Fans wanted to know where Austin was heading next. Many were hopeful that he would end up in WWE, as Aries is widely considered one of the best overall performers in the business. The hope was squashed within a week or so, when ROH announced that he was making his return to their promotion.

Even though he was working for Ring of Honor, a promotion that he is still passionate about, Aries kept WWE in the corner of his eyes. He still yearned to see if he could make it in the biggest wrestling company in the world. The hard part was finding a way to pry open the door. Management had a long history of avoiding performers who worked for TNA because they did not want to give any attention to a competing company.


Along comes Triple H, who was handed the keys to NXT by Vince McMahon as a way to gauge his ability to someday take over the entire operations in WWE. The former world heavyweight champion decided to take the risk on talent signing. He brought in former ROH champion Kevin Owens, whose body prevented him from being picked up by WWE for years. Samoa Joe and James Storm, two former TNA World Heavyweight Champions, followed Owens through the door.

Aries showing up at an NXT event is already exciting WWE news. Him showing up with a suitcase, which presumably holds his wrestling gear, is even more exciting because it more than likely means that he’s going to be working a tryout match or making an actual appearance on the weekly NXT show. Either way, Austin is a lot closer to signing a deal with WWE than he has ever been in his career.

Austin Aries The latest WWE news has Austin Aries showing up at an NXT event and possibly signing a contract. [Image via Impact Wrestling]The belief is that James Storm helped to pave the way for Aries. After all, Aries showed up at the NXT event with Storm today. Storm more than likely gave the good word to management for Aries. Another former TNA star that was with the duo was none other than Gunner, who has been trying to get a deal with WWE for quite some time now.

If Aries does sign with WWE, then the depleted NXT roster immediately is restocked. After suffering the losses of Owens, Adrian Neville, and Tyler Breeze, all of whom were promoted to the main roster, NXT Heavyweight Champion Finn Balor would now get to work with Samoa Joe, Aries, Storm, and possibly Gunner. He no longer has to wait for Hideo Itami and Sami Zayn to return from their injuries.

As far as Aries being on the main roster in WWE, that seems so far away at this point in time. He definitely has the talent for it, and has paid his dues to the industry.

One step closer for Aries.

[ Photo by Impact Wrestling ]