Kris Jenner And Corey Gamble Engaged? Daughter Kim Raves About Possible Fiancé

Kris Jenner has been spotted out and about in Los Angeles for weeks, sporting what appears to be an engagement ring from Corey Gamble. And while the couple hasn’t yet confirmed news of their possible engagement, one person who wouldn’t mind her mother spending her life with Gamble is Kris Jenner’s daughter, Kim Kardashian.

In a new interview, Kardashian spoke of Kris Jenner’s new relationship, which will be seen for the first time on Keeping Up With The Kardashians Season 11 this Sunday night.

“It’s been so much fun just to see my mom happy,” Kardashian told People Magazine on November 19. “My mom has had such a hard year and I think it’s been refreshing to see her have a good time.”

According to the magazine, 60-year-old Kris Jenner split from her former husband, Caitlyn Jenner, formerly known as Bruce, in 2013, and one year later, she and Gamble, a 35-year-old music manager, struck up a romance.

Although Kris Jenner initially kept her new romance under wraps, she admitted to dating Gamble ahead of Keeping Up With The Kardashians‘ 11th season, and throughout filming, her family got to know her partner much better.

“He’s such a nice person,” Kris Jenner’s daughter explained. “She can connect with him and go to the movies with him, work out with him. It’s the little things.”

In addition to Kardashian’s kind words, her older sister Kourtney has also spoken highly of Kris Jenner’s new man, and even referred to him as her children’s grandfather in a recent Twitter post, which seemed to hint that his relationship with Kris Jenner had become quite serious.

Since earlier this month, Kris Jenner has been seen wearing a huge yellow diamond ring on her engagement finger on multiple occasions. According to an OK! Magazine report earlier this week, Kris Jenner’s first appearance with the massive ring came around the time she turned 60, which seemed to hint that Gamble may have proposed during her star-studded 60th birthday celebration in Los Angeles.

In addition, according to the magazine’s source, Kris Jenner’s possible engagement may soon appear on Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

While nothing of the sort has been seen in any sneak peeks, the magazine’s source alleged, “[Kris Jenner] is absolutely head over heels for Corey and wants to become his wife before the year is out. She’s told Corey she wants a grand, fantasy proposal – and she wants it filmed.”

Kris Jenner also reportedly wants her future wedding to the music producer filmed for the show.

“It is just a bonus that their wedding will make them a lot of money because she is legitimately in love.”

During the upcoming season of her family’s reality show, Kris Jenner’s daughter, Khloe, was seen confronting Gamble with the possibility of him marrying her mother.

After asking him if he intended to tie the knot with Kris Jenner, Gamble told Khloe, “I don’t think love is measured by that piece of paper because I know people that are not married that are strong as hell.”

While Gamble didn’t seem to set on marrying Kris Jenner during that particular scene, Kris Jenner’s new ring seems to hint at otherwise. Either way, it seems fans will have to stay tuned to see what’s really going on.

For more of Kris Jenner and her possible fiancé, Corey Gamble, tune into Keeping Up With The Kardashians Season 11 on Sunday nights at 9 p.m. on the E! Network.

[Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]