WWE News: Lana Reportedly Having Major Heat Backstage With WWE Officials

There are few that are cut out for the wrestling industry. To speak strictly about the women's division, Becky Lynch, Charlotte, Natalya, Tamina, Sasha Banks, Bayley, and a few others are made for the WWE. They are currently changing the way women's wrestling is being looked at. After countless 5-star matches, the WWE women's division is back to where it belongs. Then, there is one woman that isn't helping the reputation of the women's division.

Lana, the former-manager for Rusev, paved a successful road for herself as a valet for Rusev. He held the United States championship for a long time, and went undefeated with Lana by his side. Rusev finally lost to John Cena at WrestleMania 31, and the two ended up going their separate ways. That didn't help Rusev much, but it did give Lana a new addition to her character.

Lana Rusev WWE
Lana and Rusev on WWE Smackdown. [Image via YouTube]While she was gearing up for her in-ring debut, Lana hurt her wrist. That forced her on the shelf to recover. Since she's been gone, nothing's gone right for Lana. The former WWE valet is actually hurting her own reputation, instead of getting better and keeping her social media quiet. Since WWE is heavily involved in social media, they are aware of what is going on.

According to SEScoops.com and the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, there's currently major backstage heat against Lana.

"WWE officials aren't happy with Lana, and she apparently has even more backstage heat due to the Twitter war with Paige. WWE has reportedly been upset with Lana ever since she went public with her engagement to Rusev, as they felt it ruined their television storyline with Rusev and Summer Rae. After Lana posted about her engagement to Rusev, the WWE.com team was instructed to turn the real-life situation into an angle, feeling that was the way to go about covering things up and convincing fans that it was just part of a storyline.

"Prior these incidents, Lana was one of Vince McMahon's favorite young talents. Whether or not that is still the case after all of the drama remains to be seen."

That last sentence really puts it into perspective for Lana. She was once a favorite of Vince McMahon's, which is the best support anybody in the WWE can get. Now, she's becoming irrelevant after her injury. Normally, a WWE superstar will rehab, recover, and try to come back better than ever. Instead, Lana is wasting time getting in trouble.

Even when they are rehabbing, pictures on social media will surface of them in the gym or at the doctors office. Right now, Nikki Bella is attempting to come back soon, so she's engaging with the WWE Universe with her pictures from rehab. That's one lesson that can be learned from this entire situation, and that's to be careful when engaging in social media.

Moving back to the Twitter feud between Paige and Lana. Paige recently cut a promo on WWE Raw, which involved Reid Flair, Charlotte's late brother. Before it was done, Charlotte had to give permission backstage. Otherwise, Paige wouldn't have even considered it. Therefore, what Lana actually said had no credence. Here are the tweets by Lana, which were since deleted.

Paige Lana Twitter
Paige and Lana's Twitter battle. [Image via Twitter]
It all started when Lana put out a tweet that she hoped Charlotte would defeat Paige at Survivor Series. Lana called the former-WWE Divas champion "rude." That's not a giant insult, but Paige fired back.

This led to one of the weirdest feuds in WWE history. Paige is an accomplished wrestler who has wanted to do this since she was a little girl. Her parents were both wrestlers, which helped her in the business. Lana didn't come in as a WWE diva and probably will never be. Let's just hope her social media skills increase before she says something she'll really regret.

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