Kylie Jenner Says She Would Rather Stab Herself Than Live With Kim Kardashian & Kanye West

Kylie Jenner is only willing to go so far for her half-sister Kim Kardashian. While the celebrity clan has a reputation for sticking together during tough times, 18 year-old Kylie draws a drastic personal boundary in a newly-released clip from a forthcoming episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

In the video excerpt, Kylie’s mega star sis Kim Kardashian explains that she is having a tough time finding some temporary digs while her multi-million dollar estate undergoes some serious renovations. As noted by the Daily Mail, Kylie subsequently recoils at Kim’s suggestion that she temporarily move into Kylie’s $2.7 million mansion in Calabasas, California, along with her hubby Kanye West and their toddler daughter North.

“I would seriously stab myself,” Kylie says to Kim. Kardashian further pressed the issue with her half-sister, prompting a stern rebuke from Kylie. “Nobody is staying my house,” Jenner quips without looking in the direction of her sister.

It’s worth noting that the very pregnant Kim Kardashian floats the idea to Kylie after mom Kris Jenner declines to host Kardashian and her crew at the matron’s estate. Us Weekly reminded Kardashian enthusiasts that Kimye previously lived with Kris for a year during another home renovation “crisis.”

Kylie Jenner moved into her Calabasas residence earlier this year, according to a report by People Magazine. The house is 4,900 square feet and it’s right around the corner from where sisters Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian reside. Although the posh surroundings might seem a bit extravagant for a lone teenager – after all, Kylie was only 17 when she moved in – it fits right in with her public persona. Indeed, just months after moving in to her posh Calabasas home, boyfriend Tyga surpised Jenner with a $450,000 Lamborghini for her 18th birthday.

While Keeping Up With the Kardashians surely needs a steady supply of dramatic subplots to keep the show rolling, Kim’s purported difficulty in finding a place to crash stretches suspension of disbelief, to be sure. Heavy estimates Kardashian’s net worth at somewhere in the neighborhood of $85 million. Her husband, platinum-selling artist Kanye West, is supposedly worth another $130 million. Indeed, Kim’s struggle isn’t quite at the same level as the real-life tribulations of Syrian refugees who are legitimately searching for safe haven beyond the war-torn homes they’ve left behind. And yet somehow, Keeping Up With the Kardashians is the spectacle that’s billed as a “reality” show.

Kim and Kanye purchased their current home in Hidden Hills, California, earlier this year. The 16,000 estate is reportedly valued at around $20 million and includes a theater, a game room, and eight fireplaces.

Kylie Jenner’s boyfriend Tyga might well be an influence on her decision to keep a little distance between herself and her family. Hollywood Life reports that the rapper has confided in friends that he wants to see his main squeeze “cut the cord” with her family, particularly with regard to sister Kendall, who apparently butts into the couple’s affairs far too often for Tyga’s liking.

Family drama is tough enough for any 18 year-old to process, and having a reality show ensemble for a family probably compounds things quite a bit for Kylie Jenner. But with a mansion on hand for virtually everyone associated with the Kardashian family, it’s a safe bet that the Kardashian-North contingent won’t be forced to sleep under an overpass anytime soon, even if Kylie Jenner stands her ground and keeps her crib Kimye-free.

[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]