UFC Featherweight Champion Jose Aldo Believes Ronda Rousey Will Pull A Gina Carano And Retire From MMA

On Saturday, November 14, 2015, the MMA world stood in awe as Holly Holm stood triumphantly over Ronda Rousey. It was on that night that the undefeated and unstoppable reign of “Rowdy” would actually be stopped by “The Preacher’s Daughter.” Needless to say, nobody believed what happened, especially Holm herself. The reason why Holm was in such disbelief wasn’t just the fact she defeated the champion, but she did it in dominating fashion. Throughout the fight, Holm utilized her boxing skills and kept tagging Rousey. Rousey, who most people say is generally a one-trick pony (armbar), just couldn’t get close enough to use what she knows. In the end, Rousey ended up eating the “head kick from down under” cementing Holm as the one who dethroned MMA’s queen.

Right now, UFC’s released medical suspensions for UFC 193: Rousey vs. Holm show Ronda Rousey is medically suspended up to 180 days. Unless she is medically cleared, Rousey will not be able to compete in UFC until her time is up. However, fellow UFC champion (well no longer a fellow champion in Rousey’s case) Jose Aldo believes Rousey won’t even return to UFC. As a matter of fact, Aldo believes Rousey will pull a Gina Carano and retire from MMA entirely.

Jose Aldo made his thoughts about Ronda Rousey’s MMA career known while talking to the media at his gym, Nova Uniao, as reported by Fan Sided. As shown in the attached video above, Aldo says he does not see a reason for Rousey to even return to MMA. He even gave himself as an example in which if he were in Rousey’s position, he would just retire as well.

“I think it’s really hard for her to return to fighting,” Aldo said. “Her career has taken a different direction. If I’m making a lot of money doing movies or something else, I’d go that direction too. Am I going to mess my face up getting punched in the face? You’re crazy. In my opinion, I don’t think (she fights again). If she comes back, of course she can (win the title). She was always a fighter, but if I were her, I wouldn’t come back.”

Prior to that statement however, Jose Aldo did play the “women’s MMA is too new” card, one that is often played by Ronda Rousey naysayers. What that means is women’s MMA is not established ergo someone as talented and skilled as Rousey will bulldoze almost everyone she faces. However, as time goes by, more talented fighters like Rousey will join. Case and point: Holly Holm.

Strikeforce: Carano vs. Cyborg
Gina Carano was the “Ronda Rousey” of her day. When she lost to Cris Cyborg, she “retired” from MMA and pursued a career in promotion and movies (Photo by Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images)

Jose Aldo actually made the interesting comparison of Ronda Rousey’s situation to Gina Carano. For those who do not follow MMA history, the first MMA female fighter who was on the uptick to becoming what Rousey is today was Gina Carano. She was beautiful, talented, had cross-over appeal, and everyone loved her. However, when she fought against Cris Cyborg and lost (her only professional loss), she “retired” from MMA to do acting and promotion work. To Aldo, this seems to be a lot easier to do with a far better benefit if it is available.

“I see this as Gina’s situation. Gina was a great fighter and went her way to become an actress after she lost to Cyborg, and she’s getting more attention than if she was still fighting. No diet, not getting punched in the face, nothing.”

Does this mean Ronda Rousey will quit UFC and retire from MMA? No it does not. But is it possible she can quit UFC and retire from MMA? Yes it is. Either way, Rousey is well off to continue fighting or to just act. MMA fans however would like to see a rematch of her against Holly Holm though.

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