WWE Rumors: Dean Ambrose Winning World Title At Survivor Series

The latest WWE rumors swirling around are that Dean Ambrose might win the World Heavyweight Championship at the Survivor Series, according to a report from Wrestling Inc.

If you were to take a poll, the majority of the internet wrestling community believe that Roman Reigns is going to walk away from the pay per view this weekend with the top prize in all of professional wrestling. While he might not be the most popular choice, many believe that he will fulfill his destiny eventually. Seth Rollins going down with an injury opened up those doors quicker than expected.

WWE rumors have long had Reigns being placed at the top of the pecking order some day. Triple H has been grooming the second generation star from the moment he laid his eyes on him. The feeling within the promotion is that Reigns has the perfect look of a top star. Everything that he has done from NXT until now has been geared towards him winning the top title in WWE.

Those plans were ruined earlier this year. Towards the end of 2014, the most heavily circulated WWE rumors involved Reigns winning the Royal Rumble being before crowned the champion at Wrestlemania. Since fans were so enamored with Daniel Bryan, they turned on Reigns at the Royal Rumble. Management had no choice but to change up their plans at the biggest pay per view of the year.

While Reigns winning the WWE Heavyweight Championship is inevitable, fans are still yearning for someone else.

The internet wrestling community has a handful of performers that they would love to see elevated into the top spot. Cesaro is viewed as one of the most underrated performers in WWE. He has all the tools required for the top spot, even though some in the industry believe that he could be a better talker. Kevin Owens has increased his following since beating John Cena. Fans have been begging for Bray Wyatt to get his push for at least two years now.

The fan favorite that actually has the credibility for the job, though, is Dean Ambrose.

Ambrose has won over the heart of the fans. As an in ring performer, he has a unique move set, and he is a scrappy fighter. Fans know that Ambrose is willing to put his body on the line for the sake of entertaining them, so that earns him praise. His character comes off naturally and is very likable. There was a lot of support from the internet wrestling community when Ambrose was chasing Rollins for the heavyweight championship.

Now, it appears that management is also throwing their support towards Ambrose. A good amount of officials backstage are pushing for Ambrose to get the belt instead of Reigns this upcoming Sunday. The feeling is that it would provide more of a shock and create more of a buzz. It might also bring back a lot of the viewers that tuned away over the past several months because this would feel like WWE was listening to the fans again.

Putting the belt on Ambrose enables WWE to accomplish two things. First, they can see if they have an actual draw in Ambrose, which is good because there are not enough main event performers in the company. Secondly, it would enable them to delay things, so that Reigns can have his big Wrestlemania moment by winning his first championship at the biggest pay per view of the year.

If WWE actually decides to be bold and go this route, then it could be a win for everyone involved.

[Featured Photo by WWE]