‘Law & Order: SVU’ Spoilers: Season 17 Fall Finale Brings Benson, Huang Showdown Over Years-Old Case

The Season 17 fall finale of Law & Order: SVU airs Wednesday night on NBC and this sounds like quite the episode. A fan favorite character makes an appearance, and an old villain is back to shake things up as well. What can viewers expect from this November 18 episode and when will the show be back with new episodes?

As TV Guide notes, this Season 17, Episode 9 show is titled “Depravity Standard.” A child abductor will be on trial, but things get complicated, and old evidence needs to be brought into the mix as things progress. Law & Order: SVU spoilers indicate that B.D. Wong is back as Dr. Huang, and he will be doing battle with Barba, and Benson, over this case.

Not only is Wong back as Huang, but Tom Sizemore is in this episode as alleged murderer Lewis Hodda. While viewers may be glad to see Huang back, Law & Order: SVU spoilers via TV Guide indicate that Benson won’t be quite as pleased to have him on this case. It seems that in this particular instance, he will be testifying for the defendant, not against him.

Hodda is a character who first appeared on the show in 2012 in an episode titled “Manhattan Vigil.” As the Huffington Post reported, that was the show’s 300th episode, and it revolved around a case linked to the first show of the series. During “Manhattan Vigil,” Benson and the team revisited an old case where Benson hadn’t felt sure of the outcome. By the end of the show, both the old and new cases were seemingly solved.

In that case, Hodda confessed to the new kidnapping and was linked to the earlier kidnapping. From the sounds of things, Wednesday’s episode revisits that case with the trial set to play out and a rejected plea deal setting the stage for intense drama.

Law & Order: SVU spoilers share that Huang will have interviewed Hodda, and he raises questions about the confession the alleged kidnapper previously gave. Since Benson is the one who got that confession, it is easy to see why these two will be at odds in this fall finale. While Huang and Benson have had a fairly close relationship on and off for years, it seems this case could put a permanent wedge between them.

From the sounds of things, this will be a powerful episode and a great way to head into a short hiatus. When will Law & Order: SVU return with new episodes? Viewers will have to wait for specifics on this front, but typically new episodes begin again in early January. It would seem likely that the Season 17, Episode 10 show will air on January 6, though viewers will have to wait for confirmation on that.

A Law & Order: SVU spoiler preview shared on the show’s Facebook page teases that this is a final showdown for Benson. That has led some to speculate that this could be some kind of reference to Olivia Benson leaving the show, and many show fans have been worrying about this very type of thing for a while.

Though that may be possible that Benson is leaving, it sounds as if this likely is just a reference to a final showdown on this particular case that has haunted Benson for so many years. However, a bit of a tease from the writers could set the stage for some speculation ahead of the show airing.

Will there be a cliffhanger at the end of Wednesday’s episode? The Twitter account for the show’s writers are having a bit of fun with this question, and it seems that fans may well want to brace themselves to be left wanting answers. Just how will things go in this Season 17 fall finale of Law & Order: SVU? Viewers are definitely anticipating this Wednesday’s episode and can’t wait to see how things shake out by the end.

[Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images]