Gwen Stefani: On Taking The Positive With Negative, Music Therapy, Wishing Marriage Wasn’t Over

Although Gwen Stefani has picked up and moved on in a manner which appears quite seamless from her ex-husband and rocker Gavin Rossdale, the blond bombshell admits that if she had it her way, she’d still be married to the Bush front man.

Stefani has been in the spotlight quite heavily over the past few months since she announced the split from Rossdale. Following the announcement, the songstress has experienced success as a judge on the hit show The Voice, has released a new single that is set to be followed by a highly anticipated album, and has moved on in her romantic life by dating her co-judge on The Voice, Blake Shelton.

Everything seems as it should be for the star. However, Gwen has recently communicated that she wishes the divorce never took place and that her marriage was still intact.

Page Six highlights the words of Stefani, while she spoke candidly with 94.7 Fresh FM’s “The Tommy Show” in Washington, D.C., on the issue of post-split life.

“I wish it didn’t happen. I wish that all this wasn’t happening, but … it was part of my life journey. In my life I’ve had two really bad heartbreaks, but I’ve written some really incredible music out of it.”

After 13 years of marriage, 46-year-old Stefani split from 50-year-old Rossdale following the uncovering of an alleged affair he had with the couple’s nanny, Mindy Mann. Gwen was not overly open about discussing this hurtful discovery, yet, as the publication relays, the starlet did allude to the infidelity and pain of the circumstance during the Q&A.

Stefani was sure to communicate how she is taking the good with the bad and realizing all of the positives that she has in her life.

“There are so many bad things, oh my God. Like, I can’t even believe it. But, at the same time, there are lots of good things, and I do get to have a second chance, and I have a lot of joy right now.”

The good Stefani alludes to is potentially based on her now-verified relationship with Blake Shelton. Gwen and the country star denied the claims that were being made about them being a couple, for some time. The pair finally owned up earlier this month.

Gwen has been a powerhouse superstar over the decades. She made it big as the frontwoman for the band No Doubt, then began a successful solo career, during which time she also developed her own clothing brand, L.A.M.B. In addition, Stefani has demonstrated that she is a fashionista who can roll with the times. Her style, much like her keep-on-moving attitude when heartbreak sets in, keeps her right up there at superstar status as an inspiration for young women. Stefani, as she stated, does not let the bad hold her back. She takes the negativity and heartbreak, and develops beautiful music out of her turmoil.

Stefani, as ABC relays, recently shared that her soon-to-be-released album is, in fact, a “breakup album.”

“My cross to bear was to go through these heartbreaks and write these songs and help people. I would consider [my album] a breakup record.”

Her first single off the record is evidence of this enough. The lyrics of the song “Used to Love You” are entirely based on her feelings for now-ex Gavin Rossdale.

“I don’t know why I cry; But I think it’s cause I remembered for the first time; Since I hated you; That I used to love you.”

Gwen has endured a bittersweet few months with endings and the balance of new and exciting beginnings. This mother-of-three is nonetheless an inspiration in regards to her poise and attitude during such a tough period in life.

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]