UFC News: Ronda Rousey Suspended For Maximum Amount After Knockout From Holly Holm

Ronda Rousey just suffered a horrific knockout at the hands of Holly Holm and lost her title at UFC 193, but now things just got a lot worse. The former UFC bantamweight champion has been medically suspended for the max amount of 180 days and can't have any fight-related contact for a month and a half.

As reported by MixedMartialArts.com, the information was released today by UFC regarding last Saturday's event in Melbourne, Australia. There is no sanctioning organization in Australia for MMA, so the UFC acts as its own governing body and provides the suspensions to MMA LLC.

Ronda Rousey was just one of the many names on the list, but her suspension was indeed one of the most severe.

Bleacher Report brought further details of Rousey's suspension, and it is indeed of a medical nature and stems from the knockout by Holly Holm's kick to the head.

ronda rousey knockout holly holm suspension
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Rousey will not be able to fight again in the sport until mid-2016, but if her CT scan comes back clean, then it could be earlier. On top of that, the former champ cannot have any type of contact for 45 days and cannot fight before 60 days is up.

For those wondering, the 180-day medical suspension is the longest on the list of suspensions released by UFC after the event in Australia.

As if matters weren't made bad enough by the knockout to Holly Holm, loss of her UFC title, and the medical suspension, Ronda Rousey has something else looming over her. Fox Sports reported that there are now theories going around that the fight may have been fixed or that Rousey may have taken a dive.

Former WWE, ECW, and TNA wrestling superstar Taz just doesn't feel right about what happened in the fight between Holm and Rousey. He has called it "a work," and in the wrestling business, that is what a "fixed fight" is referred to.

On his podcast, Taz went into great detail about why he thought the ending of the fight between Rousey and Holm was a fix and why he feels all UFC main events are the same. He doesn't think that the fights lower on the cards are, but he feels the big contests have predetermined outcomes.

"The first thing that jumped out at me was, OK: I think the finish of the fight might have been rigged.

"Let's say I am right. UFC would not be reinventing the wheel by fixing a fight. This was going on for 50, 60, 70, 80 years in boxing. This is not a new thing."

One of the biggest reasons that people think Rousey dropped her title on purpose is because of all the other things she wants to do.

In the next year, Ronda Rousey is set to film the Roadhouse reboot, wants to take part in WWE WrestleMania 32, and has been campaigning to play comic book superhero Ms. Marvel. That's a lot for the 28-year-old to do, but these feats are even harder to accomplish while holding a major title for UFC.

Taz understands how that works.

"You do not want your champion sitting home or making a movie, 'Roadhouse 2′ or whatever Rousey's going to do, or just needs a personal break, which she's earned. This girl's earned it. But you don't want that person sitting home for five, six, seven months with that championship. It's bad for business. Take the belt off her."

Taz goes into much more detail of how the knockout from Holly Holm was a serious kick to Ronda Rousey's face and legit. It's the way the fight got to that point that has a lot of people a bit confused. They feel that Rousey didn't look like herself during the contest.

Whatever the case may be, Ronda Rousey no longer has the title, and unless things change, she won't even be in an octagon again for six months. Holly Holm's knockout of Rousey at UFC 193 has the former champ medically suspended and a lot more questions raised.

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