Miley Cyrus Joins Bill Murray In A Very Funny Christmas Special

Miley Cyrus shares laughs with Bill Murray and a wonderful cast of stars, including George Clooney, in a funny wink to the comedy variety Christmas extravagant TV specials that were so popular a few decades ago. Miley sings and dances up a storm as she joins Bill in his Netflix Christmas special, A Very Murray Christmas. As the Daily Mail details, the basis for the show is that, due to a snowstorm, no one shows up for a Bill Murray Christmas variety show.

With excitement, and a typo, Miley tweeted out “Itz gonnna be A Very Murry Christmas dis holidaaaay season!! Only on @Netflix Dec 4 #MurrayChristmas #NetflixandBill.”


The delightful trailer showcases how the Netflix original holiday special certainly pays wonderful homage to Murray’s singing lounge lizard character of his Saturday Night Live days. Dressed up in a formal black tux, one sees the fabulous comedian singing out “Jingle Bells” as former SNL musician Paul Shaffer accompanies him to an empty room. Photos of celebrities such as Sir Paul McCartney, George Clooney, and even the Pope are seen at empty place settings, as Murray exclaims, “This is a nightmare, I can’t do this, I’m sorry!”

The cute Miley Cyrus sings out loud shining in the trailer.

Miley prances on stage dressed for Christmas like a sexy Mrs. Claus, in a cute little strapless red velvet mini dress trimmed with white fluff, but not before other SNL alums attempt to assist Bill in his frustration of getting his show going. The premise of the special is that because of a major snowstorm shutting down New York City, Murray is left with no-shows as he prepares for his live performance extravaganza. Amy Poehler states in frustration, “Let’s do the show,” as Murray goes on to rant how the bridges, tunnels, and transportation is closed, stating, “The entire city of New York is shut down.” The phone then rings with a chorus of all the women in the room shouting, “Is it Clooney, is it Clooney.”

In an effort to get his Christmas spectacular happening Bill states, “We got food, we got booze, we got attractive people,” continuing, “We’re going to need someone to sing a Christmas carol.”

Miley jumps in to help Bill Murray save his show. In the holiday-themed Netflix special, the trailer features Bill seeking volunteers. He auditions a tone deaf Maitre D from the Sunset Tower Hotel before the viewers are treated to seeing Miley singing “Sleigh Ride” aside the versatile Murray upon a glimmering white festive stage.

On November 9, Netflix tweeted out the fun to come “25 days before #NetflixandBill and he gives you this look…”

Along with Miley Cyrus and faithful SNL favorites, the audience gets a tease that George Clooney truly does make an appearance in the Christmas special. The Netflix teaser features a scrolling list of named co-stars for the show, stating Clooney and Miley, as well as Chris Rock, Amy Poehler, Jason Schwartzman, Michael Cera, Maya Rudolph, and Rashida Jones. As Murray scuffles to put on his show, Cera plays a modern day Scrooge with the statement, “This sad excuse for a Christmas special, it’s starting to seem more like a Christ-mess, as in what a mess.” The ever wonderful Murray comes back to him with, “But we have George Clooney.” The audience is then given a glimpse of Clooney’s effervescent smile.

The wonderfully talented Miley sings out in all of her beautiful glory amongst a stage of dancers and Shaffer in white tails playing a gleaming white grand piano. The Netfix Christmas special was written by Bill Murray, along with his Lost in Translation director and producer, Sofia Coppola. It is directed by Coppola, as well. Judging from the short teaser, A Very Murray Christmas looks like it is truly a delight for all to enjoy. The break-out star of the special looks to be the fabulous Miley Cyrus.

[Image via American Zoetrope/Netflix]