Tamra Judge Tries To Reconcile With Estranged Daughter: What She’s Trying

Tamra Judge decided to open up about a painful issue on The Real Housewives of Orange County this season. During the reunion special, Tamra decided to reveal that she hadn’t talked to her daughter in two years. In fact, Sidney had decided that she wanted to live with her father, and she packed her bags and moved in with him. Sidney is under the belief that Tamra is a horrible person and that her father is an innocent man.

Tamra Judge hadn’t talked much about this on the show, and she had only hinted about troubles at home on social media. But this case was clearly much more painful for her than anyone knew. While the reunion special aired, Judge posted a picture on Instagram, revealing that she simply wanted her daughter to come home. Sidney saw the post and decided to write a lengthy Facebook post about her mother.

According to a new Bravo report, Tamra Judge is now trying to let her daughter know that she still loves her very much. This week, Sidney celebrated a birthday and Tamra decided to reach out to her on social media. It is clear that Judge still loves her daughter, and she wants to work things out. Sidney hasn’t said much about possibly meeting up with his mother, but Tamra still wrote to her.

“Happy 17th birthday to my beautiful daughter Sidney,” Tamra revealed on Instagram, adding, “I LOVE you SO much. May God bless you today and always.”

Judge shared something similar on Twitter to make sure that Sidney saw her messages in one way or another. Based on the Facebook message Sidney wrote a few weeks back, it doesn’t sound like she wants to talk to her mother these days. She accused Tamra of being emotionally abusive and she didn’t want to talk to her mother. But that didn’t stop Judge from celebrating Sidney’s birthday.

There had been plenty of rumors in regards to Judge’s personal issue. Some tabloids claimed that Tamra had lost custody of her daughter and that she was in court to fight Simon Barney on custody. However, Judge revealed during the reunion that she went to court to get Sidney to come home with her. It wasn’t a matter of custody; it was a matter of Tamra wanting her daughter to come home. At the time fans learned of the news, Tamra posted the following message.

“It’s so unbelievably hard. I still don’t know if sharing it was the right thing to do, I’ve been in tears all day. I just want my Daughter back. Please God please bring her back to me. I love you So much Sidney. ( for the rude people, I did not lose custody of my daughter in court. So please stop with the rumors)” Tamra Judge revealed on Instagram about four weeks ago when the reunion special aired.

Instead of focusing on her personal issues, Tamra involved herself in the cancer issue. Tamra and her co-stars were questioning Brooks Ayers’ cancer story. These days, she doesn’t have much respect for Brooks, who recently admitted to lying about his medical bills.

“I have never been quiet about my thoughts on Brooks. He’s a Con Man!!!! He makes me sick to my stomach!” Tamra Judge has revealed according to RumorFix, adding, “But then I think about her involvement and all the lies she told. Like telling me she had to take Brooks to the ER in the middle of the night because his fever was so high or that she had to call Terry because he was so sick.”

What do you think of Tamra Judge posting a message to her daughter Sidney?

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