Watch New ‘Scream Queens’ Episode 9: Native American Jokes, Two Major Deaths, And More Classic Horror Tributes

Watching each new Scream Queens this season has been a task for some of its initially intrigued audience. By this week’s Episode 9, many fans may have tapped out.

Scream Queens’ viewership has dropped from an impressive 4 million-strong premiere to just 2.5 million last week. That’s a 40 percent drop — which isn’t unheard of, especially for a show with a young target audience who is likely to watch the show online anyway.

Yet from the beginning, Scream Queens was fairly divisive. The largest fall in ratings came after the first week, with many citing the show’s offensive humor. Those occasional ballsy shock laughs have remained one of the biggest highlights comedy-wise, but some, however, were turned off from watching Scream Queens’ right away, such as Josh Bell at Las Vegas Weekly.

“Despite its superficial homages to horror classics, Scream Queens is completely clueless about what’s actually scary, and its comedy is ugly and mean-spirited, full of hateful stereotypes and casual misogyny. Murphy is great at attracting a talented cast (which here includes Emma Roberts, Jamie Lee Curtis and Abigail Breslin, among others) and then saddling them with obnoxious characters and ridiculous dialogue. The creators seem determined to make the show as tasteless, garish and insulting as possible. In that sense, they succeed.”

Episode 9 of the series probably wouldn’t have satiated this critic. As usual, Emma Robert’s Chanel #1 was in her typical acerbic form when it came to the stinging, culturally insensitive rants that Scream Queens fans either love or hate. One came at the expense of Pocahontas, Sacagawea and Squanto, all three of whom Chanel confused when selecting her Halloween costume.

“If any of you stupid wh***s ever cracked a book every now and again you’d know I’m dressed as Sacagawea. She helped the Pilgrims with their first harvest on what is now known as the first Thanksgiving.”

Native Americans seem to be the chosen target of Scream Queens Episode 9. After realizing her mistake, Chanel then refers to Sacagewa as “the hag who didn’t realize she was third wheel on Lewis and Clark’s gay camping extravaganza.” Moments later, Chanel’s over-the-top egotistical boyfriend Chad Radwell invites her to stay at his family home that his grandfather bought for “6 glass beads from some Chinook Indians.”

Other than one passing reference to being “so scared it’s like ISIS broke in my house,” that’s about all that the newest Scream Queens doles out in terms of edgy humor. Like usual, it’s also filled with a selection of reference to classic horror films. In Episode 9, it comes in the form of ghost stories being told around the fire at Kappa House.

A major mash-up happens in one of the tales when a Japanese horror movie character finds herself attacked by monsters who live in the sewer and hunt victims when they unsuspectingly sit down on the toilet — a clear reference to the 80s B movie Ghoulies.

Just afterward, another story returns to the bathroom and sees another J-horror character lost in some kind of bizarre mixture of Saw and The Matrix, where she must choose how she will die by whether or not she uses red or blue toilet paper. Before this episode, it’s hard to say if Scream Queens ever managed to cram more references into such a short time frame.

There’s only six episodes left. Watch new Scream Queens Episode 9 at Fox online.

[Image via FOX]