Natalie Kenly Spoke Out About Charlie Sheen Just Hours Before He Revealed He Was HIV Positive: ‘He’s A Good Man’

Natalie Kenly dated Charlie Sheen for a few months in 2011 and was known as one of his “goddesses.” Although Natalie Kenly has been out of the spotlight in the years since, her name has once again been making headlines after her former boyfriend came clean to Matt Lauer on this morning’s new episode of the TODAY show, revealing he discovered he was HIV positive four years ago.

“He is not a monster,” Natalie Kenly told People Magazine of her ex-boyfriend on November 16, just hours before the 50-year-old actor’s health revelation. “He has regard for human beings and cares about people. I do not see him knowingly putting women at risk.”

Although there have been claims made, one of which was made by Natalie Kenly’s fellow former goddess, Bree Olsen, which alleged Sheen hadn’t been honest about his diagnosis, Natalie Kenly defended her former partner, stating, “That’s not who he is.”

“He’s got young kids. He’s also not an idiot and I don’t see him opening himself up to that legal nightmare.”

While Natalie Kenly felt her one-time love wouldn’t open himself to a possible “legal nightmare,” he revealed to Lauer that he had been extorted and blackmailed for around $10 million due to his diagnosis. According to Natalie Kenly’s ex, he hired prostitutes who later threatened to expose him if they weren’t paid off. He also said the women were taking money from his five children, and his granddaughter, due to their threats.

Still, however, even after their threats, Sheen proceeded to hire more prostitutes, which he claimed was the result of depression over his health, who also later blackmailed him.

Currently, Natalie Kenly is living with her long-time partner in the Midwest, where she is raising a young daughter. According to People Magazine, Natalie Kenley left Los Angeles years ago and is now enjoying a “quiet life” away from the spotlight.

Back in 2011, however, following her former partner’s split from then-wife Brooke Mueller, Natalie Kenly engaged in an unconventional relationship with both Sheen and Olson. During their relationship, the threesome lived together at his home in Los Angeles.

“He loved us all. He cares,” Natalie Kenly said of her former relationship with the actor.

When asked about her former boyfriend’s health, Natalie Kenly didn’t say much about the rumors, which had yet to be confirmed at the time of the interview. Instead, Natalie Kenly focused on the positive, claiming she had no regrets about their time together.

“He’s a good man and I feel very fortunate to have spent the time with him that I did, and I’m so sad to hear of his health troubles. I hope he’s okay.”

In June 2011, just days after celebrating her birthday with Sheen at the W Hotel in Hollywood, California, Natalie Kenly packed her bags and left his Los Angeles home. According to a Daily Mail report at the time, Natalie Kenly’s breakup from the actor came just two months after Olson and her former partner parted ways. The report also alleged Natalie Kenly had served as the nanny to her former boyfriend’s two youngest children, Bob and Max, who are now 6.

In a separate report, it was revealed Natalie Kenly was forced to return her Mercedes due to her leaving the actor.

In a report by TMZ on November 17, hours after Natalie Kenly’s ex appeared on TODAY, it was noted that Natalie Kenly was not HIV positive, and was also not angry with her former partner for his non-disclosure.

[Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]