‘Fallout 4’: Wait Until 2016 Or Lose Your Head

With Fallout 4 having only been released a week ago, the game has tons of amusing bugs and glitches. An article in Forbes gave a recommendation to those who may want to wait until 2016 to buy the game and also notes that Bethesda is known for its buggy software.

Though, hardcore fans may have been eager enough to put in their pre-orders for the game, others may not have the patience to deal with the many glitches up to this point. However, this will likely mean that probably in two to three months, Fallout 4 will then will be in optimal parameters when purchased later on. In addition to this, there’s also the DLC (Downloadable Content) to consider in 2016. So gaming consumers will be getting a double whammy for getting a “technically superior product” and the additional content for Fallout 4.

One may wonder how with so much content in the current Fallout 4 game, how would a player be able to take on additional content. It may wind up being information overload, but to the avid gaming fan, this will likely be satisfying enough to relish in its abundance. There are also unofficial mods to consider that can add to the craziness of the game, especially when it comes to PC’s. Consoles are also expected to get mods as well.

Currently, the glitches are running amok and being reported online. Even though Halloween has come and gone, Game Spot reported the headless vault dweller glitch. The downside is that it impacts the game play and a player cannot get haircuts. On the upside, enemies cannot aim at the player. Notably, there were no hacks or mods used in the creation of this glitch.

Apparently, an encounter with a Deathclaw by YouTube user, ProstBroadCast, rendered him headless. When attempting to revive himself, he found he was unable to do so. He also noticed that his perception stats were at zero. When he zoomed out into third person view, he could see he was headless.

With this headless condition in Fallout 4 and a zero perception, according to TNW News, it allowed him to be unable to use his V.A.T.S. system to take aim at an enemy, although, the enemy was also unable to target the player either.

There’s no fix for this glitch, so one could either play this character headless indefinitely or restart from a saved position in Fallout 4 from a spot where the character is with a head.

This isn’t the only bug or glitch that’s been discovered. Another one of significance is found across all gaming platforms. This includes Fallout 4 versions on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. According to Digital Trends, the glitch is triggered on the onset of a settlement quest. This typically happens when players enter Monsignor, crashing the game. Digital Trends reported that on Bethesda’s discussion boards, this is something a bit of a quandary because this can impact the ability to complete the game.

“It is fairly game-breaking as many main story quests go through this area making the game impossible to complete if you have the bug and don’t use console commands.”

Unfortunately, this is something that cannot be fixed, be it updating drivers, starting a new game or reinstalling Fallout 4 altogether. PC players, however, are able to bypass these glitches by using console commands via the tilde key. Console players will have to contend with skipping the glitched quests altogether until a fix is found.

Most tend to likely find these glitches amusing, though parts of it can be frustrating if it inhibits you to complete essential quests altogether. Hopefully, Bethesda will have a patch coming up that can remedy this for Fallout 4.

[Photo by Rich Polk/Getty Images Entertainment]