‘The Bastard Executioner’ Finale Spoilers, Renewal News: What Can Viewers Expect As Season 1 Wraps? [Updated]

The Season 1 finale of The Bastard Executioner airs Tuesday night on FX, and fans cannot wait to see just what happens. Will Lady Love and Wilkin manage to find Luca? Will there be a second season of this Kurt Sutter show? People are definitely buzzing about this November 17 finale and anxious to know whether more of this FX show is on the way.

TV Guide teases some Bastard Executioner spoilers for Tuesday’s Season 1 finale. Father Ruskin and Luca are in a precarious situation, and the search for him will be intense. That said, Lady Love and Wilkin at least have some information to work with now, given the revelations in last week’s episode.

Wilkin will tell Lady Love the truth about what he knows at this point regarding Luca and Father Ruskin. The Bastard Executioner spoilers indicate, however, that he will hold back on telling her about what Annora told him that seemingly indicates that he is her son. Will fans be left hanging on that front, or will clarity about what Annora meant come in this season finale?

Tuesday night’s episode is titled “Blood and Quiescence/Cra a Chwsg,” and Bastard Executioner spoilers detail that “an unlikely band of brothers” will be led by Milus and Wilkin on a treacherous journey. Will any of the core characters from TBX die in this last Season 1 episode? Fans have little to go on in that regard, though it really would not be a Kurt Sutter season finale without some intense carnage.

While fans will have to tune in to FX on Tuesday night to see what happens with Wilkin, Milus, Lady Love, and Luca, viewers are already buzzing about the future of the show. Has The Bastard Executioner been renewed for Season 2 or canceled? As TVLine notes, the network has yet to announce a decision in this regard.

FX is not a network that necessarily makes these big renewal or cancellation decisions too far in advance. Some TBX fans have pointed out in online conversations that Sutter’s former show, FX fan favorite Sons of Anarchy, was not always given quick renewals in its early seasons, either. Most would imagine that Sutter and FX will move ahead on more of this show, but the fate of the show does seem to hang in the balance at this point.

Obviously The Bastard Executioner is a very different show from Sons of Anarchy, and that has been clear since the show was in development. That said, many SOA fans were anxious to give TBX a try. While the show has definitely won many over, others have had a hard time fully sinking their teeth into the new show. That definitely leaves the show’s fate up in the air.

While the Bastard Executioner ratings have not been through-the-roof in this first season, FX is a network known for typically giving their shows a bit of time to mature and gain traction. As TV by the Numbers details, TBX ratings are still fairly respectable, especially given that this is a cable show. The numbers tend to significantly improve when the metrics are shifted to include the three-day or seven-day bump from delayed viewing.

At this point, FX has not given any indication of when they will make a formal announcement regarding Season 2 of The Bastard Executioner. So far, neither has Kurt Sutter. However, all of the social media posts about Tuesday’s episode are touting this as being the end for now or a season finale, not a series finale. That would definitely seem to be reason enough to have some faith that the show will be back.

Will everybody be left hanging at the end of the Season 1 finale of The Bastard Executioner, or will all of the loose ends be neatly tied up? Fans are counting down to this episode and can’t wait to see how everything plays out.

Update: Show creator Kurt Sutter certainly knows how to get fans talking. Leading up to this episode, Kurt teased the show ahead via all of his social media pages. However, his word has TBX viewers essentially freaking out.

As TVLine has now shared, FX has indeed canceled The Bastard Executioner. Though fans were intrigued and wanted to support Sutter in his new efforts, the ratings just weren’t where they needed to be. Now Sutter will work on creating the Sons of Anarchy-related show based on the Mayans, though he indicates that he won’t be the one running that show. Fans will have to stay tuned to see what comes next on this front.

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