What You Need To Know About ‘The Real Housewives Of Cheshire’

The Real Housewives of Cheshire is finally coming to Bravo from across the pond, and though they speak English, it is a bit of a challenge for the American ear to discern some of the subtle differences. It’s mostly the slang that divides us, but it’s enough that one has to double check a few word for full comprehension.

BravoTV.com is giving fans the lowdown on the ladies of Cheshire, and there is a lot to know. First, where is Cheshire? Located in Northwest England, Cheshire is known as the “golden triangle.” It is known for famous residents, fabulous homes, and “flashy and feisty housewives.” Read: backstabbing and social climbing supreme.

“Tanya Bardsley, Leanne Brown, Magali Gorré, Ampika Pickston, Lauren Simon and Dawn Ward – splash their cash and try to ‘keep up with the Joneses’…except the Joneses live in multi-million dollar mansions and wear lots of diamonds.”

The first housewife, Ampika Pickston, is recently divorced and a successful businesswoman, running a salon and beauty product line. Then there is Dawn Ward, perhaps the Queen Bee, who is a go-to interior designer for the rich and famous. She is married to a former soccer player, Ashley Ward. Leanne Brown is a housewife who was dancing at a club when she met her soccer player husband. Lauren Simon’s expensive hobbies are indulged by her husband, and says she likes coffee, chocolate, and men. Magali Gore seems to be the loose cannon of the group, with a temper and attitude to match. She is also married to a soccer player, and has a son who just started playing pro soccer. And lastly, there is Tanya Bardsley, a party girl who modeled for years in magazines like FHM. She is also married to, wait for it, a soccer player, and loves plastic surgery.

To say that this is a new money group is an understatement.

Jezebel reports that the Real Housewives of Cheshire is the English version of Real Housewives of Orange County, which seems to mean high on cash and low on actual education.

“The ladies of the Golden Triangle were represented quite accurately in the show’s trailer. There are tacky discussions about wealth, massive amounts of plastic surgery, and—just like the Real Housewives of Melbourne—these women are constantly dressed like they’re going to a bachelorette party in Las Vegas.”

Jezebel likens the Real Housewives of Cheshire to a less sophisticated Ladies of London. On the Ladies of London, most of the women have been fairly wealthy their whole lives, while the ladies in Cheshire have just recently hit the jackpot or found a sugar daddy.

The Washington Post suggests that one should expect the pettiness that comes with the Real Housewives franchise, plus unintended social commentary.

“I’m a bit handicapped in writing about these ladies because I can’t always understand what they say. In Cheshire, there are ‘two ways to move,’ one declares, ‘Ooop or out,’” Ooop meaning up.

“So Cheshire is bound up in standard “Real Housewife” pettiness. But it does have distinguishing characteristics. The series probes the way humans treat the “other,” pitting the sharp-tongued, fair-skinned Anglo-Saxons in the bunch against blunt-spoken, dark-complected Magali (her ethnic roots are not revealed, but she is married to a footballer from Suriname). In episode 1, ultraglam Dawn, who’s holding her annual Creme de la Creme ball to raise money to fight children’s illnesses, believes Magali had the gall to demand a free ticket. Magali says she was only inquiring if tickets were complimentary, which of course is totally different!”

It will be interesting to see how the relationships evolve, but fans shouldn’t expect things to go too deep.

Are you watching the Real Housewives of Cheshire?

[Photo courtesy of ITV]