Kenya Moore On Attacking Sheree Whitfield Over House: ‘I Was Just Delivering The News’

Kenya Moore had met Sheree Whitfield a few times before the epic fight on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Kenya knew that Whitfield was still building her home in Atlanta because she herself had started construction on a new home just down the street. Moore may have known that her co-star had run into some financial issues when building her massive home, and this was something Kenya felt necessary to bring up.

During Cynthia Bailey’s launch party for her eyewear, Kenya Moore confronted Sheree about her unfinished home, asking her about when it would get done. And Moore decided to throw some digs in her confrontation. She said she was practically speaking for the entire neighborhood, and she really wanted to embarrass her co-star over her unfinished home. But Whitfield fought back, which turned into a full-blown fight.

According to a new Bravo report, Kenya Moore is now revealing that she was only delivering the news when she questioned Sheree about her unfinished home. Kenya also mentioned that the neighbors were getting angry with the former housewife because they were constantly looking at a construction zone. The home has been five years in the making, and Sheree cannot move into the home as it stands right now.

“I don’t think I went hard on Sheree. I think that I was just answering the questions that were asked,” Kenya revealed while visiting Watch What Happens Live this weekend, adding, “Even on [Sunday night’s] episode, we saw Kandi talk about Porsha’s guy dating some transgender [woman]. We’ve heard girls talk about other girls and deliver the news. I was just delivering the news.”

Of course, Moore isn’t afraid to throw some shade and get some drama going right from the first day. Many of the other Real Housewives of Atlanta stars were shocked that Moore was so open and honest about her feelings. Many of the wives probably knew that she was struggling financially and didn’t have the funds to finish her home.

Whitfield has revealed on the show that she was waiting for child support that was owed to her by her ex-husband. He claims he is broke, but Whitfield still wants her money. Plus, she was fired from Bravo after a few seasons, as she demanded more money despite lacking an interesting storyline. But she claims that she had a feeling Kenya Moore would come for her, as she may feel intimated by her return to The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

“Let me start by saying that I’ve met Kenya once or twice in passing through our mutual friend. It was only a hello! I’ve never sat and had a drink with her, broke bread with her, or had a conversation with her, so of course I was completely caught off guard and just as surprised as the other girls that someone would go into attack mode after less than two minutes of being in my presence when they didn’t know me! I knew she would be intimidated by my return,” Whitfield has revealed about Kenya’s return, according to her Bravo blog.

The ladies are already feuding just two episodes in, so this season promises to be very entertaining. Clearly, Kenya has no problem calling Whitfield out on her financial troubles. Moore is still building her home, even though she said on the show that she would be in the home in a few months. It is possible that she herself is delayed when it comes to construction of her Moore Manor.

What do you think of Kenya Moore’s comments? Did you think they were necessary, or do you think she just said them to create drama with Whitfield?

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