Kym Johnson Jokes She Needs A Throne In Relationship With Robert Herjavec

Kym Johnson wasn’t planning on falling in love with Robert Herjavec when they were teamed up on Dancing with the Stars. The two were busy with their own lives, but Robert clearly fell for Kym. He looked forward to seeing her every day, and there was a clear chemistry between them. While they never really made their romance public, it was clear that Johnson and Herjavec continued to see one another after leaving Dancing with the Stars.

Since then, Kym Johnson and Robert have dated and traveled the world together. They are often attending events together, but they rarely post pictures with one another. Maybe they are still trying to keep the romance a bit private. But this week, they decided to go all out on the romance. The two visited the set of Game of Thrones and had a few pictures taken on the famous throne from the show.

According to a new Instagram post, Kym Johnson is now revealing that she could totally see herself on a throne. In fact, she could see herself with a throne at home, possibly so she could tell Robert Herjavec what to do.

“This feels quite nice! I think I need a throne in my life!” Kym revealed while sharing a picture of herself, sitting on the Game of Thrones throne, which had her fans reacting with, “So now you’re literally the queen,” “His heart is already your throne..u are already ruling my dear,” and “Absolutely! That would look awesome in your living room. Get two, one for the King and one for the Queen.”

Of course, Herjavec also took the chance to get a picture with the famous throne. But the couple may have gone to Belfast for very different reasons. Robert revealed that he was very impressed with how the business world was changing in Belfast. It sounds like the couple may have gone to Belfast for business reasons, but then took some time to see the sites, including the Game of Thrones set.

“Amazing how business,can transform an entire community – #Belfast used to build ships & linen, today call centers, tech & film production,” Herjavec revealed on his own Twitter account, clearly impressed with the way the business landscape is changing in the world.

Many are speculating whether Robert and Kym will soon get engaged. It seems like people move very fast in Hollywood. The two only met in March, so a rushed engagement may not be what either of them are looking for. In addition, Robert Herjavec is legally still married to his wife of 25 years. The two filed for separation, but they are not legally divorced yet. His wife, Diane Plese, and Robert have not settled the financial aspect of their marriage yet.

Of course, Herjavec is worth millions of dollars. Some reports claim upwards of $200 million, and one can imagine that Diane would like a piece of that pie. Since the two have been married for 25 years, it is possible that Robert made his money while married to her. And it is possible that they don’t have a prenup, which could make it easier for her to get her money. Robert hasn’t really talked publicly about the divorce, but it is possible that the money is the only thing keeping them married. Johnson doesn’t seem to mind, but she could be keeping a low profile until he gets divorced — officially.

Do you think Robert Herjavec and Kym Johnson should get married once he settles his divorce? Do you think Kym is the controlling partner in the relationship since she jokes about wanting a throne?

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