Miley Cyrus Does The No-Pants Look [Photo]

Miley Cyrus

The no-pants craze has struck again! Newly engaged singer Miley Cyrus has joined the craze of appearing to be walking around in a long shirt with no pants underneath. Miley was photographed leaving her Miami hotel sporting a plaid flannel shirt and what appeared to be nothing underneath (although she was sporting a pair of teeny tiny shorts).

Miley has been all about the sexy craze as of late. Whether it be appearing at the 2012 Billboard Music Awards sporting a Jean Paul Gaulter blazer and nothing under it, or he going to Starbucks to pick up her morning joe in a pair shorts with her lingerie poking out Miley has been making a statement and it is that she is a hottie to watch. Miley is also sporting a profile picture on her Twitter page of her in a very low cut bustier.

She has also had a few wardrobe gaffes that have been caught on film that haven’t seemed to bother her very much. She is a big fan of running braless and more than one paparazzi photographer has taken notice. It also seems as if America is trying to catch Miley in a wardrobe malfunction so much that when she runs t the store and flashes a little side boob it makes headlines.

Not that all her flaunting of her sexuality is being noticed in a good way. Miley has been slammed by a conservative watchdog group for her “disgusting and “sleazy behavior. The Culture and Media Institute, which claims to “preserve and help restore America’s culture, character, traditional values, and morals against the assault of the liberal media elite,” is having a fit against the pop star for some of her antics including being photographed licking a cake in the shape of a penis.

Miley Cyrus