‘Falling Skies’ Returns Tonight [Video]

falling skies

Falling Skies, the popular alien invasion drama, returns to TNT tonight for the premiere of its second season.

So what’s in store for Tom (Noah Wyle) and the 2nd Mass?

TV Guide reports that the second season will pick up right where season one left off. Tom makes a visit to one of the alien ships and things do not go exactly as planned. Tom is hoping to find information about how to save his son, but instead, finds out that there is no chance of peace with the aliens.

Wyle told TV Guide:

“He goes on the ship essentially to find out a little bit more information about his son Ben. That’s sort of his Achilles’ heel, his family. But once on board, I think that he realizes, in the midst of this conversation he has with the Overlord, that there are no more negotiations to be had, that there’s not going to be any kind of rapprochement or peace to be brokered, and so he gets off the ship with no illusions that there’s going to be anything other than a fight to the last man or last stand.”

Wyle also said that his character isn’t welcomed back with open arms after his visit with the aliens. During the trailer for season two, paranoia among the group is prevalent with one of the characters claiming that the aliens implanted a chip into his head. Which begs the question, will Tom be a traitor in the second season of Falling Skies.

Wyle said:

“I think they harbors some suspicion — because he’s let go under very strange circumstances — that he may be a security threat, that he may be a bit of a homing pigeon drawing the enemy back into the ranks of the 2nd Mass. Initially, his kids are really excited to see him, and Weaver’s excited to see the second-in-command back, but underneath there is a nagging question about what happened on board the ship. The fact that he doesn’t have total recall about all that experience is also cause for concern.”

You can read more from the interview with Noah Wyle about Falling Skies here or check out the teaser for tonight’s episode below.

Here’s another video about the second season of Falling Skies.

Falling Skies returns to TV tonight on TNT at 9/8 central.