Gwen Stefani Secretly Suffered From Illness Due To Gavin Rossdale’s Alleged Affair With Nanny Mindy Mann?

Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale announced they were divorcing in August of this year, after 13 years of marriage and three children. As rumors continue to swirl regarding Rossdale’s alleged affair with their nanny, Mindy Mann, a new report has claimed The Voice star was secretly suffering from an illness as her marriage came to an end.

On November 16, Radar Online revealed the following details regarding Gwen Stefani’s rumored health battle.

“[Gwen Stefani] had non-specific symptoms including stomach aches, muscle pain, constant headaches and other digestive issues.”

However, when Gwen Stefani went to the doctors, they couldn’t find anything wrong with her.

“[Gwen Stefani] had always been a fan of alternative medicine, and decided to try acupuncture. She began to step it up to daily trips as her marriage was on the rocks.”

But, while the treatment “did give Gwen some relief,” she was never completely cured of her pain.

Although news of Rossdale’s affair has yet to be confirmed, Gwen Stefani seemed to hint at the news during an interview with Ryan Seacrest earlier this month. During their interview, which was later shared via YouTube by Entertainment Tonight Online, Gwen Stefani confirmed her marriage blew up the day after The Grammys, which meant she and Rossdale’s relationship came to an end on February 9. According to Radar Online‘s source, Gwen Stefani was suspicious of Rossdale’s possible relationship with Mann, but due to his denials of their relationship, the couple didn’t part ways until earlier this year.

“[Gwen Stefani] had suspected for months that Gavin had been cheating on her with the nanny, Mindy Mann. Gwen would confront Gavin and he would reply she was crazy, which only made Gwen feel worse… There were days [Gwen Stefani] could hardly get out of bed.”

On February 9, however, “[Gwen Stefani] was told by her staff that they believed Gavin had been cheating on her with the nanny. Gavin continued to deny it, but she knew she wasn’t wrong this time.”

As Gwen Stefani recalled to Seacrest, that fateful day included “a major event that happened where things got really clear.” Although she didn’t give any specific details about Rossdale’s possible infidelity, Gwen Stefani encouraged Seacrest, and his listeners, to look to her new single, “Used To Love You,” for clues.

Radar Online‘s source continued, revealing that while Gwen Stefani was understandably angry and betrayed by her now-ex-husband’s alleged affair with Mann, she immediately began feeling better after discovering the truth. In fact, said the source, Gwen Stefani’s pain quickly went away, and she began to realize the stress from her uncertain marriage was the leading cause of her health troubles.

“[Gwen Stefani] is sleeping through the night, and there is no more pain. A weight has been lifted off of her,” the source explained.

Following the end of her marriage, Gwen Stefani began dating her co-star on The Voice, Blake Shelton, who is also newly divorced. In July, just one month prior to Gwen Stefani’s split from Rossdale, Shelton and his former wife, Miranda Lambert, announced their marriage had come to an end after just four years.

While Gwen Stefani didn’t discuss her relationship with Shelton during her appearance on Seacrest’s radio show, she did tell the host she found her co-star to be “hot.” Gwen Stefani then reacted to Seacrest’s comment on whether or not Rossdale had listened to “Used To Love You” by asking, “Did you just say the G-word?”

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