Joey Feek Of Joey And Rory Cancer Update: Joey Plans Funeral From Deathbed

Joey Feek of the country music duo Joey and Rory is living her final days at home with her family. Although she is in pain and is too tired and weak to walk, she is trying her best to spend as much time with the people she loves, including her husband, Rory, and her 20-month-old daughter, Indiana (“Indy” for short).

Joey and Rory know her days are numbered, which is why Joey has been making sure to tell her husband her wishes for when she is gone. First, she wanted to be buried in the cemetery plot at the ranch she and Rory own in Pottsville, Tennessee. Joey instructed Rory to find a nice spot in the family cemetery behind their home.

“Find a good spot in the family cemetery in the field behind our house, where we put your mama’s ashes last year… with room enough beside my headstone for you to join me someday… in God’s time,” she told Rory.

Second, Joey told Rory she wanted a “a rough-cut wooden box with a cross on it,” made from the wood on their farm. For this task, Joey asked their farmhand, Thomas. In his most recent blog post titled “A Bus Full of Joy,” Rory described how they met Thomas, and the heart-wrenching request Joey asked of him.

“Thomas Travioli has been there for us. And after 5 years of working at our farm, he’s still here for us. Joey met him at Marcy Jo’s also, when he volunteered to add-on to their kitchen in exchange for ‘free breakfast for awhile’. That was the kind of deal my bride loves to do,” Rory wrote. “On just a handshake for a contract … he does everything at the farm we don’t have time to do, or aren’t home to do, and don’t know how to do.”

“So when Joey told me to reach out to him and share one of her last requests with him. Through tears, he got out his saws and hammer and did what she asked.”

As hard as it is for Rory to help plan his wife’s funeral, he has been very adamant about giving her exactly what she wants.

“Whatever she wants … that’s what I want,” Rory wrote.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Joey Feek was diagnosed with cervical cancer last year, three months after she gave birth to her daughter Indy. Not long after her diagnosis, Joey underwent a hysterectomy, and completed rounds of radiation and chemotherapy. Joey seemed to make a full recovery.

Joey was supposed to start her latest round of chemotherapy in mid-October, but after undergoing a CT scan to see if the cancer had spread, the doctors realized the medicine she was taking was no longer working, and the cancer was still spreading rapidly. Joey’s doctors told her she could still take more medications and undergo another round of chemotherapy, but it would only buy her time, not the cure she had so desperately hoped and prayed for.

Earlier this month, Rory informed their fans that Joey, with the help of her family, had decided to stop treatment, and would be entering hospice care to spend her final days with her family rather than in a cold hospital.

Despite the pain, and knowing she doesn’t have much time left, Joey says she is at peace with God’s decision, and insists she is not angry with him.

“More than anything, I felt like I failed at something. I thought I did everything,” Feek told the Tennessean. “But God decided for me that my job of singing for people down here is my legacy, and he needs me singing up there. That’s how I look at it.”

[Photo by Richard Vogel / Associated Press]