Nicki Minaj Leaves Club Early And Gets Sued

Nicki Minaj is now being sued for not partying long enough at a party held at the Chateau Nightclub at the Paris Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. This is not the first time that the artist has been sued for leaving a party early. Minaj might just be too busy to stay at a party too long.

Before this latest lawsuit, Nicki Minaj was sued in 2011 by promoters of an NBA All-Stars party. Minaj charged $50,000 to make an appearance at the party. The lawsuit against her claimed that she arrived late for the party and then left after being there for a half an hour.

According to TMZ, the lawsuit being brought by the Château Nightclub is a similar one. On May 2, after the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight, after being booked, Nicki was to be at the club at midnight. Minaj was also scheduled to stay for one hour and give a performance of two songs. Her presence at the club was to gain interest and allow the club promoters to sell VIP tables at for the club for $25,000. Nicki Minaj however had a late arrival, stepping into the club at around 1:19 a.m. Celebrities are however known to be fashionably late, it may have been something that the club owners could have over looked, if she stayed her full hour.

Nicki Minaj was reported to have left the club after being there for only 34 minutes. She did however uphold to her performance of two songs at the club. Minaj was seen in pictures at the party but it appears that she never put her bag down, showing that she was already half way through the door. Spending a little over half the time agreed on would be enough for any business person to feel cheated.

Unlike in 2011, Nicki Minaj’s time is valued at more than just $50,000, this is due to the fact that Minaj is known as a talented female rapper. This appearance cost the owners of the Château nightclub $236,000, the amount had to be paid in full before the booking could be completed for Nicki’s appearance. As such a lawsuit was filed against Pink Personality, LLC., Nicki’s Minaj booking company, for the payment to be refunded since Nicki Minaj did not hold up her end of the contract.

It is alleged in the lawsuit that the event was lauded as one of the biggest party nights in recent history, but Nicki Minaj ruined it. The party goers stated that they were not impressed with the expensive post-fight event. All attendees of the party paid big bucks to have a chance to party with the well known Nicki Minaj. It was this negative feedback that pushed the club to file the lawsuit against Pink Personality.

Minaj’s lawsuits have not only come from her failing to party, she was sued by her wig maker as well. Although the lawsuit was later dismissed, Nicki was being sued for $30 million after she allegedly broke contract with the wigmaker. The lawsuit also stated that Minaj was guilty of stealing her designs.

Nicki Minaj does have a lot of responsibilities on her plate which may be taking away from her time for partying it up. One of her latest responsibilities is getting ready for the launch of her clothing line on “Pink Friday.” Nicki Minaj is scheduled to launch your clothing line at K-Mart on Black Friday according to PopCrush.