Holly Holm Wins the Weekend By Knocking Ronda Rousey Out

Holly Holm surprised the entire fighting world by winning the fight against Ronda Rousey lifting her to the World Bantamweight Championship. The new champion said she wants to give fallen champion Ronda Rousey a re-match for the title she took from her in what is is being defined as the greatest upset in UFC history at the Etihad stadium.

The hefty knockout resulted in Rousy's immediate transport to the hospital. She was reported to be depressed after suffering the loss of a long-held title.

Rousy and Holm
UFC 193: Rousey v Holm

This suprise turn of events provides a great conclusion. The UFC trumpeted UFC193 as a "massive success," with record-breaking attendance. It was reported that the event brought almost $9 million from the gate alone, and UFC is having another event scheduled for Australia on March 20, 2016.

Holly created one of the greatest sport's iconic movement when she gave Rousey a heavy kick that wiped her out 59 seconds into the second round, resulting in a split lip that required stitches. She couldn't even face the media.

"So for a champion like Ronda, who has gone out of her way to do great things, absolutely, she deserves a rematch.

"I don't look at this fight and think I've made it. I think I've still got some things to do."

Holly couldn't believe what she had done, looking down at a defeated Rousey spread on the mat as the crowd cheered on. Among her obligations as a UFC bantamweight title defense in Melbourne, Ronda answered many questions for nearly one hour among a lot of reporters.

The most interesting thing she said according to reporters came as a declaration prior to her defeat was: Holly Holm, the massive underdog challenger, could not knock her out. She was too sure of her victory and even said her chin was too good. Her self confidence could not save her from a knock out in just over six minutes in the second round by Holm, who has an amazing career as a world champion boxer, and who is unbeaten in nine mixed martial arts.

In a related Inquisitr article, UFC was able to draw over 50,000 people to the fight because of her. She has gained a lot of popularity in the media. A report said she is not as great as the media portrays her to be.


Holly, popularly known as "The Preacher's daughter," really delivered her best in the fight. She dominated the fight, she initiated much aggression, and she made very good use of it.

Rousey tried to take down Holm after refusing to touch gloves. In her previous fights, Rousey had fought a total of 64 seconds. Rousey was red-eyed and snarling within the first couple of minutes of her fight, while Holm was very calm from the start.

Rousey tried to engage Holm in a clinch, however she was nuetralized. Holm was well prepared after a long time of training in the Albuquerque gym of Greg Jackson and Mike Winklejohn, and by the end of the first round Rousey's face was covered in blood.

"We figured the pressure was coming," Holm said after the belt was placed around her waist. "I have to say everything we worked on presented itself in the fight. Every route she tried to get."

Rousey, who was determined to win this fight, charged straight ahead at her opponent but was unfortunately met with a left straight. Her challenger followed with a perfect left high kick that jarred the neck of the world champion.

Rousey's achievement reached heights no martial artist ever had, and the UFC president noted that he expected Rousey to fight a few times. During an earlier interview, Rousy said she looked forward to hugging Holm after the fight, and wishing her well, but it turned out that it was Holm who did the hugging and the well wishing.

Rousey dominated the weight class for a very long time and was considering retirement. She might be considering heading to Hollywood and making money acting.

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