Pizza-Stealing Dog Turns On Stove, Sets Fire: Gary LeClerc’s Facebook Video Goes Viral [Video]

There’s a video going viral that is teaching pet owners a valuable lesson about fire safety. Gary LeClerc posted the below video to his Facebook page, as reported by NBC Connecticut, with a message to share the video of his dog stealing pizza from atop the stove and inadvertently turning on the burner in the process.

“For your viewing pleasure….wait for it….and please share if you would like. Enjoy.”

In the video, which is being passed around as an important fire safety lesson, three dogs can be seen sniffing around the kitchen due to a delectable pizza box resting on top of the stove. One of the dogs jumps up on the stove, and her paw apparently turns on one of the burners, which appear to the be type on a stove with gas burners. Immediately, flames can be seen shooting from the pizza box. No doubt, the combination of a greasy cardboard pizza box and open flames made for a fast fire.


The “pizza dog” is being compared to the viral “pizza rat” that was caught on video stealing a huge slice of pizza and carrying it down a flight of stairs in New York. Now that LeClerc’s video of his dog trying to steal pizza and starting a fire instead has gone viral the resident of Waterbury is sharing it all around the Internet to let people know the dangers that can come with dogs and stoves.

“My wife and I are really trying to use this video for educational purposes as well as entertainment since it is both funny and eye-opening.”

On YouTube, the video is also going viral, with a tantalizing title like “dog attempts to set house on fire” as tempting to viewers as the pizza was to the dog. That video was uploaded on October 30, and has received nearly 40,000 video views in that time.

The video description explains how Katie LaClerc was in the next room with Gary and friends when the dog took advantage of the situation to try and steal some pizza. However, the Lab didn’t have any idea that her antics would nearly burn down the whole house when one of her paws turned on the knobs.

As my husband and I were entertaining guests in the other room, one of our dogs decided to break into the pizza box that was sitting on top of our gas stove. Her paw turned the gas ignition knobs as she tried to put her head further into the box. Luckily we had it on video and know who to blame! Lol let this serve as a gentle reminder not to place items on your stove top and also to carefully choose the placement of your fire detectors. We now also have child safety locks on our stove knobs.. With Labradors you just never know :-)

It was nearly 6:30 p.m. on September 27 when the two-year-old black Lab tried her hand at joining in on the pizza-eating fun. Named Brookfield, the enterprising Lab was only one of three total dogs at the pizza party. Brookfield might have been able to get a piece of pizza to eat as she is seen in the video digging her nose closer into the pizza box. Later in the video, a flash of fire erupts in the pizza box, proving that the dog turned on the burners.


Thankfully, the fire didn’t start when the dog was on the stove — therefore, her paws didn’t get burned. The fire kept going for about half a minute prior to Gary coming into the kitchen and being shocked at seeing the pizza box on fire. Without thinking, LeClerc immediately took the burning pizza box off the stove and threw it onto the wood floor, a feat that LeClerc doesn’t recommend. Before long, Katie rushed in as well and they both extinguished the flaming pizza box with water. Apparently, dogs turning on stoves isn’t as uncommon as it seems.

[Image via Twitter/NYDN]