Second Suicide Bomber In Paris Attacks Registered As A Syrian Refugee

The second suicide bomber who blew himself up along with Omar Ismail Mostefai at the Bataclan theatre during the American band Eagles of Death Metal concert in Paris Friday night had a passport that showed he was a Syrian refugee who registered in Greece earlier this year. The Daily Mail reported that the passport showed his name to be Ahmad Almohammad, but this name has not been confirmed as the real name of the second bomber. He may have been traveling with a relative according to copies of ferry tickets posted in the Daily Mail‘s news report.

The second bomber along with Mostefai blew himself up after shooting dozens of concert-goers in the Bataclan theatre, when Paris police stormed the club. The bomber was one of seven terrorists who carried out the attack and were confirmed dead when the attack ceased. All but one of them committed suicide by detonating their bomb vests. It’s still not clear if the passport was real or fake, or if it in fact belonged to the bomber, thus the second bomber’s identity has not been officially confirmed. European officials said there is a huge demand for fake Syrian passports to help people get refugee status in Europe. The only test that is being used so far is if anyone has international arrest warrants. ISIS had apparently planned this attack for months, recruiting the suicide bombers in Europe and planting their own as Syrian refugees. The bombers chose Friday the 13th to carry out the attacks.

Photo by Thierry Chesnot/Getty Images)
[Photo by Thierry Chesnot / Getty Images]
In the attack on Friday, the second bomber was one of three terrorists armed with guns and suicide bomb vests who attacked concert-goers at the Bataclan theatre on Friday. Al-Mohammad, along with Mostefai and a third bomber, opened fire in the theater and the second bomber, and Mostefai committed suicide by detonating their vests when police stormed in. Police shot and killed the third bomber. Two other bombers committed suicide in front of the Stade de France stadium, but only killed one other person. The other three suicide bombers launched an attack of gunfire on people at various locations before committing suicide.

The second bomber was also reported to have been rescued off of a sinking boat by Greece officials during his “refugee flight.” The second bomber was able to get into Greece with his passport which allowed him to gain access into Paris along with the other terrorists. A Greek government minister confirmed that the person on the passport had passed through the Greek island of Leros in October with a group of over sixty other refugees and his fingerprints were taken by authorities there.

In the photo below, hundreds of people join a candlelight vigil at the foot of the statue of Marquis de Lafayette which is across the street from the Treasury Department in Washington, D.C.

Candlelight Vigil for Paris Attack Victims
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The Mirror also confirmed that the person in the passport found on the second bomber’s body had passed through Serbia at Miratovce after crossing over from Macedonia once he had arrived at Leros on October 3. Authorities also said that when Almohammad passed through Serbia, he was unarmed.

Suicide bombings are among the most used tactic of Islamic extremists, and the followers seem to have no hesitation about committing suicide to further their causes. These recent bombings in Paris are one of the most violent incidents that have happened in that city.

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