Maroon 5’s ‘Sugar’ Gets Housed By Remix

Maroon 5 may be the most remixed band in pop music today. And now, you can add DJ/Producer Sicarii to the impressive list of artists who’ve put their unique spin on some Adam Levine-penned tunes, this time remixing the popular hit song “Sugar.”

According to Billboard, Sicarii took a unique approach with “Sugar,” transforming the Maroon 5 hit into something much different than the original. “The remix’s filtered piano chords are calmly conducted by the song’s punchy bassline,” the article contends, “making for a modish beat.”

Originally, Sicarii hadn’t even planned on tackling the “Sugar” remix, opting to lay down beats for his own original music. That is, until Maroon 5’s label, Interscope, intervened.

“I channeled that vibe on what was originally intended as an original track. But when Interscope gave me the opportunity to remix Maroon 5’s ‘Sugar,’ I realized how well Adam Levine’s vocals fit within what I’d made.”

Sicarii debuted the remix at the Hot 100 Fest some two months ago, as evidenced by his Instagram feed where he posted the day he debuted it. But until now, there was no way to actually listen or download the track.

Maroon 5 songs seem to frequently be given the remix treatment as reported by Inquisitr, a testament to the impact Adam Levine and company have made to mainstream music. Artists like Big Boi, Nicki Minaj, and more have all contributed or penned their own Maroon 5 remixes over the years. In fact, this isn’t even the first remix of “Sugar” to grace the airwaves since the song first made its debut in a Nissan commercial last year.

One of the reasons for this, besides it’s catchy hooks and melody, was most likely due to the music video for the song that went viral earlier this past year. In it, Maroon 5 paid homage to the movie Wedding Crashers as they took to L.A. in tuxes and crashed seemingly unaware couples’ weddings. The Adam Levine lead clip quickly became a sensation on the internet for it’s inventiveness and spontaneity.

That feeling, however, was quickly replaced with rumors that the video was staged and that the couples were, in fact, aware of what was going to happen. According to USA Today, there was some truth to that rumor, but dispelled the notion that the entirety was fake.

“Wedding photographer Eric Parsons told me that he was shooting one of the weddings, of Sharon and Steve, when Maroon 5 made their surprise appearance. ‘Sharon knew nothing about it,’ he said. She’s the one who mouths ‘WTF’ in the video.”

However he did add that “(The bride and I) knew at least one was for sure (staged) so they could get those dramatic overhead shots from a boom arm, and some of the slow-mo scenes like the confetti falling and the break dancer. You need a lot of light to do those types of shots in slow-mo; more than the existing light you’d have at any indoor venue.”

Adam Levine also confirmed those facts a few months later in an interview with the National when he came clean about the rumors.

“I do want to clear up something about the video,” Adam said during the final days of Morocco’s Mawazine festival. “Half of the weddings we crashed and the other half were set up, we did that to cover our bases and to make sure we had all the footage. I would say 65 per cent of the video was real. It was crazy and a lot of fun.”

Regardless, Maroon 5 continues to dominate the pop music landscape, with “Sugar” leading the charge. And with artists like Sicarii continuing a trend of remixing Adam Levine’s songs, there seems to be no slowing down the band’s popularity and lasting impact on music for the foreseeable future.

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