Big Boi Gives Adam Levine And Maroon 5’s ‘Animals’ Salacious Remix

Big Boi just won’t let “Animals” go. The Outkast rapper took the Maroon 5 hit for a spin, adding a unique new verse to Adam Levine’s controversial song.

The Maroon 5 remix comes courtesy of Pigeons and Planes, who chimed in with their thoughts on the remix.

“Big Boi is one of the few rappers who makes everything better. Like, everything,” the web site explains. “Whether it’s hip-hop, funk, electronic, rock, pop, or psychedelic, his agile delivery and ability to adapt always brings something of value to the table. This Maroon 5 remix was unexpected, but once again, Big Boi delivers.”

Rolling Stone also weighed in on Big Boi’s lightning fast new verses, praising the “stampede of salacious rhymes” on the remix for “Animals.”

“His mouth running in double-time, Big Boi eases into the track with the outlandish declaration, ‘I am – one of a kind like a white lion.” From there the Outkast quick-spitter weaves a verse that alternately boasts his sexual prowess and praises his number one girl. ‘Another hashtag, Stevie Wonder, you will never see this either,’ he raps before he compares caressing cleavage to reading braille.”

MTV News compared Big Boi’s take on the Maroon 5 hit to that of an aphrodisiac of sound.

“J. Cole took the pop hit for a lyrical spin back in September, now it’s the Outkast MC’s turn and, surprise, surprise, he doesn’t disappoint,” the article says. “Fueled by carnal desires, the ATLien delivers rhythmic lines soaked with metaphorical pheromones.”

Adam Levine, meanwhile, joined the rest of Maroon 5 at the People Magazine Awards, where they performed “Animals” in its entirety sans any guest spots from J. Cole or Big Boi. Not that they needed any assistance, according to Pop Crush.

“Adam Levine’s falsetto was definitely on point tonight, and his howling during the performance was absolutely killer. Oh, and we can’t lie — we’re kind of obsessed with the fact that Adam was totally rocking a pair of maroon pants for their performance.”

The People Magazine Awards saw Kate Upton claim the Sexiest Woman Award, while celebrities Jennifer Aniston, Gwen Stefani, and Jon Hamm also took home top honors at the show.

“Animals” has been a perennial chart climber ever since it’s release. At first, the Maroon 5 hit rode the wave of controversy surrounding it’s music video, which depicted Adam Levine stalking his now wife, model Behati Prinsloo. It also found support courtesy of PETA, which relished the bloody depiction of the meat packing industry.

You can watch Big Boi’s remix of Adam Levine and Maroon 5’s hit song “Animals” below.