Mad Decent Cruise Ship Returns To Port After Search For Woman Overboard Suspended

Information around the woman who went overboard on the EDM cruise is still sketchy, but the Coast Guard has now called off the search, presumably for the body of Kaylyn Sommer, 24, of South Carolina. Authorities are still standing by the information that Sommer intentionally went overboard at 7 p.m. off the coast of Cuba, but details about a dance off gone bad have now been retracted by the cruise line and authorities.

The Inquisitr had reported that there was a “twerk-off” between two women onboard the cruise, and that seems to still be the case, but that Sommer was not involved in that particular altercation. The cruise, which was set to go from Miami to Cozumel, has now returned to port, where, hopefully, more information about exactly what happened aboard the cruise ship will be discovered. When Sommer went into the water from about an 80 foot drop, the sea was very dark, and no one aboard the cruise ship caught sight of her again.

Rolling Stone updated their original story to report that the search for Kaylyn Sommer had been suspended, but that the search had gone on from the time she went off the deck of the cruise ship until Saturday night.

“We are all sons and daughters, and many of our responders have young children themselves. Suspending search efforts is always a painful decision, particularly when it involves a young mother,” Capt. Todd Coggeshall, Incident Management Chief at the Coast Guard’s Seventh District, said in a statement.

Mad Decent put out a statement about the safety of everyone on board the cruise, and how sorry they are that something like this happened.

“The safety and security of our guests and the ship’s crew is our number one priority, all appropriate safety precautions will continue to be taken for this and all of our events. Our hearts go out to the family and all involved in this incident, and we will continue to support those affected during this difficult time.”

The Daily Mail has made a point to refute the information about Sommer and a twerk-off onboard the EDM cruise.

“The young mother who fell off a cruise ship balcony off the coast of Cuba on Thursday was seen ‘intentionally going overboard’ but it was not after a fight with the ‘queen of twerk’ during a twerk off, according to her family.”

But sadly, there has been no additional information about why this married mother would have jumped from the deck of the cruise ship. and any details about others who witnessed her going overboard or could attest to her mental state. The only other information that was included was from Sommer’s Facebook page before the cruise.

“I have a beautiful daughter named Rylee, she is the best thing that has ever happen to me! She has made me the person i am today.

“Im stubborn, and very hard headed but i mean well.

“My life has been very complicated but hey nothing’s easy. I would do absolutely anything for my family and friends. If you wanna know more just ask!”

This story is still evolving, and considering the size of the event, all of those onboard the cruise have not yet been questioned.

What do you think happened onboard the EDM cruise that would cause someone to jump overboard into the ocean?

[Photo via Bernd Sieker/CC BY-SA 2.0]

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