Woman Speeds Through Ohio Street Festival, Injures 30

Roughly 30 people were injured, some seriously, when a woman drove her car through a street festival in Lima, Ohio on Friday night.

According to the Lima News, police have no explanation for the events of Friday when a parked woman suddenly accelerated rapidly into a crowd, with reports of festival-goers picking up the car to free people pinned underneath it. Fortunately, no fatalities were reported, but paramedics reported that some suffered serious injuries to their legs, heads, and necks. Two were admitted to St. Rita’s Medical Center according to Anne Sweigart of St. Rita’s Medical Center.

“It just happened so fast,” said Amee Truesdale who attended the rally with her husband. “We all fell backwards. It was unreal. There were bodies, and shoes and jewelry,” she continued, “It was very busy tonight. They took many, many people to the hospital, and two or three of them looked seriously hurt. It was just unreal. I saw men pick up that car and move out a gentleman that was pinned underneath.”

According to MSNBC, the driver, whose name will be released pending the investigation, was parked a few feet away when she suddenly hit the gas and crashed her vehicle into a sculpture. Though the female driver’s identity has yet to be released, along with any potential motive, one bystander described her as looking roughly 40-years of age, and that she had a dog in the back seat.

“I remember looking at the woman’s face,” she said. “She looked disoriented,” notes AP.

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